What Is A Poltergeist?

Poltergeists appear in parapsychology and folklore as a supernatural being or a ghost that is responsible for various physical disturbances that appear in homes like objects moving around, getting destroyed or the presence of loud noises. In most of the accounts, poltergeists are associated with object levitation or movement like cutlery or furniture and noises like door knocking. We also see poltergeists that are capable of biting, tripping, hitting and pinching people.

Based on cultural folklore and tradition, poltergeists occupy many different niches. In most of the situations we see them as being troublesome spirits that will haunt a specific individual, not a location. We have seen poltergeist reports appearing in most of the European nations, Australia, Brazil, USA and Japan, with many of the accounts appearing in the first century. There is even one report of a poltergeist that dates back to 856 AD, the first one ever recorded.

Poltergeists As Natural Phenomena

As expected, most of the poltergeist events that were investigated till now were proven to be just a prank. In this case the incidents are caused by individuals that just want to cause some mischief. Credulous witnesses tend to simply exaggerate what is reported to others.

Anomalistic psychology did research and claims that poltergeist activity is explained through various psychological factors like memory lapses, wishful thinking and illusion.

Various attempts were made to explain the poltergeists from a scientific point of view with disturbances not connected to psychological factors. There are some cases in which there were some scientific reasons that explained the phenomena. As an example, there are situations in which the air current is strong enough to blow even a mirror of the wall.

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Poltergeists As Unverified Natural Phenomena

There is a theory going around that claims poltergeists are sometimes explained by underground water movement causing house stress. Water turbulence can cause structural property movement, making a home vibrate and even objects move. The same can be said about seismic activity.

Poltergeists As Paranormal Phenomena

One of the explanations of poltergeists is linked to psychokinesis, which is believed to be able to create poltergeist activity. In most cultures the poltergeists are connected to malicious spirits, manifestations of spirits that are disembodied, of really low level, associated with the third order or sixth class. In many situations the poltergeists will be connected with earth, water, air and fire.

Are Poltergeists Real?

This is a question that cannot actually be answered because of the fact that it is highly connected with personal beliefs. If you believe in psychological phenomena, you will see poltergeists as being real. If not, it will not be understood as such and a regular explainable reason will be believed.