What is Spirituality Awakening?

What is Spirituality Awakening?

June 4, 2021awakening1773Views
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The main problem with spiritual awakening is nothing but its definition itself because there is no clear definition. Let us try and define spiritual awakening. What is spiritual awakening exactly?

Actually, awakening happens when you start realizing the real-life and come out of your dream world where you dream everything according to your ego and focusing on your dream future and the worst past. Instead, you develop an awareness of the real-life you are living and realizing your individual self.

For example, take a wave in the ocean. You are both, the wave, and the ocean. The ability to realizing both and the separation is spiritual evolution.

This consciousness happens when you stop dreaming, and you ask yourself, who are you and what’s happening around you. This conscious realization is simply a spiritual awakening.

For example, when you watch a movie, you get into it with your imagination as the movie progresses and forget that you are sitting in a movie hall and watching the movie. You are now part of the movie and you think that you are part of events happening in the movie and everything surrounding that is real.

At this time your phone rings and you realize that this is the real world and not the one that you lived in the world that was portrayed in the movie. If you realize your own life this way, that is called a spiritual awakening.

If we think of awakened people, the names Jesus, Buddha, and Mahatma Gandhi come to mind. These inspiring names will give you the idea that awakening is nothing but being perfect.

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Now we have seen examples of awakened people above, let’s focus on How to identify whether you are awakened or not. Here are some signs of spiritual awakening.

If you ask these questions yourself regularly, it means that you have a spiritual awakening started in you.

  • Why am I drinking so much?
  • Why am I smoking so much?
  • Why am I getting so angry often?
  • What’s the need to compare me with others?
  • Do I have to eat so much red meat?

These are the initial stages of your spiritual awakening. If you ask these questions many times yourself then your mind is awakened about your life. Even though you continue to smoke, drink but these questions keep coming to your mind means you are awakened and you are now more worried about yourself, your health and your financial situation, etc. This sign clearly shows that you want be a better personality and that’s what your inner feelings and that’s the reason these questions keep coming.

Another sign is letting go of attachments. If you know it or not but you have attachments for years. You may attachments with cars, bikes, foods and games, toys, etc. But, when your mind gets into spiritual awakening, you start letting go of all these attachments slowly for the things that you had fight with your brothers and sisters or friends, now you are no more interested in them.

If you have these two signs, the process of spiritual awakening has already started in you and you’re ready to live a better life. You just need to strengthen these signs and this is the best time you can go for spiritual classes or you can leave out unwanted habits in you. Just follow your inner self and you will be a new personality from here.

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