What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah can be described as being a really ancient wisdom that will reveal the way in which life and the universe work. At a really literal level, the word “kabbalah” means “to receive”. We can say that it is a study that is all about how to get fulfillment from our life.

There are always moments in life that cannot be overcome without ending up with that feeling that we are not at all fulfilled. That feeling is overwhelming and after we feel that we could have done things better, it is normal to feel disappointed. As a paradox, the more you thrive to be fulfilled, the higher the possibility that happiness will elude you.

It is important to mention the fact that fulfillment is not something that should appear temporarily. You want to achieve a lifetime fulfillment that is connected with wellbeing. You want to connect with positive energy and then maintain it for years to come.


Kabbalah stands out as a really ancient paradigm. It will teach us important things about everything connected with our life: career, relationships, health and much more. It teaches us how the universe actually works, at a strong core level. We end up looking at the world in a totally different way, one that offers that mentioned fulfillment.

With Kabbalah you learn some universal principles you can apply, no matter what faith or ethnicity you have. There are no restrictions about studying it and you just have to start with the first step so that you will reach towards the fulfillment of a lifetime.

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Why Should You Study Kabbalah?

Every single person in the world wants to understand the individual nature of himself/herself better, with that goal of having a really fulfilling life and to have a really rich experience about the individual. There is no person in the world that wants to be unhappy. The real truth is that most people from all around the world want the exact same things:

  • To love
  • To be loved
  • Great health
  • Financial security
  • Great relationships
  • The family to be happy

At the same time, people have questions. This is normal since we all want to understand our life’s meaning. This is possible for many from the moment they were born. As time passes, responsibilities appear and people lose touch with the quest to reach that internal well-being.

Kabbalah helps us because of the fact that it will allow a proper understanding of the moment we are in life. It is not at all difficult to get caught up in the things in life that do not count that much. This is not at all a good idea. Kabbalah helps you to focus on exactly what counts the most, allowing you to rediscover yourself.


Kabbalah has been around for hundreds of years but people did not have access to it. This all changed. Now, every single person in the world that is interested can learn all that they want about Kabbalah and the advantages that are offered. You want to be sure that you consider this since it can help you reach the personal and spiritual growh you are after.

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