5 Famous Hauntings Involving Ghost Animals

There are hundreds of thousands of ghost stories but not so many famous hauntings involving ghost animals. Ghost pets are not often presented in reports but there are different sightings that are now quite famous. Stories that are presented on this list are going to leave you wondering and will make you think about pets differently, as loving souls or even as terrifying afterlife possibilities.

Preston – The Protector Of Trick Or Treaters In Nashville

Preston is most likely the most known of all the ghost dogs in the world. This is a doggie that is haunting the Belmont Hillsboro neighborhood of Nashville, being a spirit of a Boxer dog that takes care now of all the young people going trick-or-treat for Halloween. Many witnesses heard barking during Halloween and reports stay that if you walk really slowly and you stop in the street, a dog will nudge you to go along. The trick is that you do not see the dog. Reports state that starting in 1962 there was an old woman that leaved dog biscuits for the pooch known as Preston.

The Capitol’s Demon Cat

This is something that few people know but the US Capitol building is haunted by a demon cat described as having glowing red eyes. It seems the cat scares random people from time to time and appears without warning. The demon cat legend dates from when cats were added to the Capitol’s basement tunnels in order to kill the rats there. This particular feline is one of them. It is said that the cat will appear before natural disasters or really important events. It was supposedly seen before the 1929 stock market crash and JFK’s assassination.

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Black Dog Of Connecticut

This ghost dog is reported to hang around Connecticut’s Castle Craig and terrorizes visitors and hikers for a long time now. It was described as short-haired, similar to a Spaniel and small. It does not make sounds even when barking or howling. The black dog is spectral and has its roots in folklore, where it is said that if you meet the black dog one time, it will be happy but if you meet him two times, it is sorrow, with the third time meaning you will die. Stories of people seeing the black dog three times and dying have been around since the 1800s.

Christopher Knight Haunted By Creepy Child And Ghost Hounds

Christopher Knight became famous for his role as Peter Brady in The Brady Bunch. When he was filing a ghost episode, he said the cast stayed at a creepy, old bed and breakfast. One night he woke up and found 2 haunting dogs looking at him. Then he said that there was also a girl that was gazing him. After that, the next day, he talked with the owner and he showed him a fireplace picture with 2 haunting dogs. Knight said that they were the dogs he saw.

The Blue Ghost Dog – Avenging Spirit

Last but not least, this blue ghost dog is a legend, one of the oldest in the US, starting around 1770. It is said that Charles Howard Sims ended up attacked by thieves after a drinking night. After he fought together with his dog, blue tick hound, he died. When the thieves returned to the scene of the crime to retrieve gold, they were attacked by the blue ghost dog. It is said that the dog even now watches over the gold of his master.

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