3 Things To Take If You Go Ghost Hunting

Ghosts can be found everywhere so before deciding you location, think about the type of ghost you want to encounter and try to learn as much as you can about it. Plan everything before going to the ghost hunting spot. Find out when the ghost appears, find out if the ghost is vocal or not and find out the exact spot of their last appearances. After deciding that, do some research about the location. The location will determine the type of equipment and team you’ll need and you will also find out if you need a permit or permission to go to your desired ghost hunting location.

Another important aspect to keep in mind when you go ghost hunting is that you have to arrive early to have time to set up your equipment and to familiarize yourself with the location. Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes and wear something with pockets so you can have a place to store flashlights, batteries and other things you plan to take with you.

Now, when it comes to things to take with you if you go ghost hunting, you have two main categories – things you absolutely need and things that you need only in certain circumstances. For example, flashlights and batteries are mandatory if go ghost hunting at nigh but we are pretty sure you know these things so there is no point in talking about them. We will however talk about the 3 things we thing any ghost hunter needs in any type of scenario.

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Log Book

The first thing on our list of things to take with you if you go ghost hunting is a log book. A log book will allow you to keep track of every out of the ordinary event. If you go ghost hunting with a tea, which is something we highly recommend, ask someone to write everything in the book log – changes in weather, changes in temperature, details about the location, strange lights, strange movements, unlikely events like doors closing for no reason and the list can go on and on. Using a recording device is also a very good idea and it might be easier to register someone talking then to write down everything that happens. It is also important to record the thoughts and the feelings you and your team members have while walking around the ghost hunting location.


Bringing a video camera with you while ghost hunting is also mandatory. Always use new discs or empty memory cards and make sure you use a tripod to make the filming process easier. A digital camera should also be in your bag. The same thing applies here – make sure you use an empty memory card or that you have enough storage.

EMF Meter

Last but by no means least, take an EMF meter with you. An EMF meter, or electromagnetic field meter, is a very useful tool because it measures radiation. In order to detect paranormal activity with an EMF meter, you have to make sure the EMF meter does not detect a strong electromagnetic field that comes from your phones or appliances.

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