Are Cats Really Sensitive To Spirits?

There are so many stories in the news about cats that feel things people do not. A common one is with cats that live in nursing homes. The reports state that they can sense when someone will die and that they snuggle close to that person. This prediction is definitely something that has to be analyzed as it practically means that cats have paranormal abilities. Is that truly the case?

It is obviously impossible to be 100% sure of this but we have to acknowledge the fact that there are hundreds of stories that show animals that can read thoughts and that have premonitions. This includes having cats that know when an owner will return home, even if the time is irregular. We see animals that have heightened senses of smell, sight and hearing, something that a human does not have. That automatically means that it is possible for a cat to have psychic sensory systems we know nothing about.

Cats In History

Animals were always present as an important focus in cave paintings and the general belief is that animals were present for a spiritual purpose. In shamanism we see the power of the animals being recognized as a spiritual guide. In Ancient Egypt we saw gods that were human and animal, including a cat god. Even in Medieval Christianity we see pets that are presented as familiar spirits, sometimes being the imps of the devil in disguise.

Cats Today

Nowadays we see animal familiar spirits in a different way. Wiccans and pagans believe that cats have various psychic abilities and that they are sensitive to what is known as The Invisible World.  Basically, people think that the cats can see things we cannot. This does include spirits. When a bond is developed with the animal, the individual can take advantage of these innate abilities.

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It is highly likely that cats have extra sensitivity to many things that we cannot understand. If we look at witchcraft history and legends, cats are so often presented, especially with a power to see dead people. However, at the same time we see a connection between cats and animals that is much stronger than what many believe. We normally see dogs as being highly connected to humans and cats as animals that do not care much but when something is sensed, the connection seems to be much stronger than we initially believed. This is normally possible only in the event that animals also have souls, just like us.


By taking a look at absolutely all the reports that appeared online and offline, the only real conclusion that can appear is that cats are sensitive to spirits and other paranormal elements. The only thing that we do not actually have any idea of is that this is something that appears with every single cat out there. There may be differences that we know nothing about so your cat might not be able to see spirits.