What Is a Kundalini Awakening

What Is Kundalini?

Before talking about a Kundalini awakening we have to talk about the significance of the term Kundalini. Without understanding that we cannot actually understand what an associated awakening is

In the Hindu philosophy, Kundalini is a primal energy in the base of the spine. Also referred to as Shakti, this energy is the primordial cosmic energy and the personification of “The Great Divine Mother”, a divine, feminine, creative power. Shakti represents the forces that move through the entire universe.

Kundalini is represented as a sleeping snake or a goddess and is usually found in dormant state at the base of the spine. If awaken Kundalini can be felt in other regions of the body too.

What is a Kundalini Awakening

A Kundalini Awakening means reaching spiritual enlightenment and bliss. When Kundalini awakens from her sleep, the Self is reunited with the Divine. Usually associated with bliss, lights, colors and oneness, the awakening actually means the beginning of a new journey and not a destinations that needs to be reached. Kundalini purifies the mind, the spirit and the body.

How Can You Be Kundalini Awaken?

Deep meditation obtained through yoga is what is required to wake Kundalini from her dormant state, but be careful, waking Kundalini without the guidance of a master can be pretty dangerous so don’t try to do it on your own. In order to experience Kundalini in a positive way, you have to be in a good place in your life, otherwise the experience can be rather traumatic. All your unconscious thoughts will be conscious and that can be pretty tough if you are not ready.

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10 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

Kundalini can manifest in many different ways from intense heat to energy rising up the spine until it reaches the crown chakra. People can experience the awakening of Kundalini in different ways, but the most common symptoms are:

  1. If during your meditation you feel something that you never experienced before whether is new smells, a blissful taste or you are hearing sounds you never heard before, Kundalini is awaken in your body.
  2. Intense sensations in your root chakra and then energy rising up your spine toward your crown chakra means Kundalini awaken. The sensation will make your body hair to raise.
  3. Your breath stops without any effort from your part when Kundalini awakens.
  4. A blank mind with no thoughts is also a sign of Kundalini awakening.
  5. If you feel vibrations of energy in different parts of your body and you experience a sensation similar to electricity shocks, you should know that Kundalini is waken.
  6. Another sign of Kundalini awakening is when your eyes focus naturally on the third eye chakra.
  7. No being able to open your eyes after meditation can also be a symptom. Some experienced this, others didn’t, but it only happens when Kundalini is awaken.
  8. If you feel electric currents flow up and down your body, the Kundalini energy is awaken.
  9. If you can do any yoga pose without feeling any pain or cannot feel your body anymore during meditation it means you reached the bliss needed to wake Kundalini.
  10. When you begin to experience nature in a completely new way, your understanding reaches new levels and when all your doubts disappear, Kundalini is awake.
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