How Indigo Children Will Change The World

Many people have been writing about indigo children and some of the aspects still remain a mystery. The main reason is that you need to be like them in order to completely understand them. Since we don’t know how could we have access to their “power”, all we can do is try to figure out in what way can the Indigo children influence us and the surrounding world.

It is said that the new children come here to help us learn to communicate more with our soul and less at a level of ration. All we need to do is to understand them, to understand that they are superior and they cannot live by the rules we tried to create for them just because we were raised differently. They don’t want to learn history, for example. They don’t need to know what it was, because they know they are here to change something, to make things better. So don’t put pressure on them, let them manifest, because they have a lot of knowledge and intuition.

indigo children change the world

For them, the actual learning system is outdated. This is why they become apathetic and bored when it comes to memorizing things. Sometimes they even get depressed or even insolent. Doctors give them medicine, teachers give them bad grades, but nothing changes.

They have a special mission on Terra. They were born with an extraordinary intelligence and unusual abilities. They are capable of profound thinking at only a few years old and they can send us information that we could never access in any other way. They seem to come with a message that we can simply not ignore.

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They are called Indigo children, because that is their aura color. It is said that they also have different DNA and they are a channel between earth and universe and their mission is to restore a superior race. They are here to bring the mankind on another level. They might seem distracted, but they are paying attention to all kind of details. They may even seem cruel, but they are very kind and would never hurt anyone.

indigo children

They have a characteristic look in their eyes, even when they are young. They show a big maturity and you need to talk to them as they are adults, because they don’t like to be treated without respect. In exchange, they will open up to you and tell you everything they know. You will be surprised how many intelligent things can an Indigo Child tell you. Due to their intuition, they are the best source to take advices from and they will never let you down on purpose.

In fact, Indigo Children are here to teach us to be kind and accept others without judging them. When we learn to understand each other, when we realize that we need to interact in order to evolve and to stop being fixed on one single vision, to try to seek for other ways to become better, indigo children will complete their mission. Because the only reason they are here is to create the perfect environment for change. We do not have the capacity to suddenly change ourselves, because our brain is not made this way. We need baby steps, and that is something that Indigo Children have already learnt.

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