Book Review – “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Book Review – “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

When referring to personal success books of the twentieth century, “Think And Grow Rich” was the one that was the most circulated. Some believe that it is highly deceptive while others will tell you that the book helped them to improve at a personal level. As with any such books, it is obvious that everything depends on how you interpret everything. For some people is definitely a great book but you need to look over the first perception.

Should You Buy “Think And Grow Rich”?

think and grow rich by napoleon hillThe truth is that the actual value of this book is directly connected to you as a reader. Your current beliefs will influence what the book teaches you. In the event that you currently want to find something that will help you to get rich as soon as possible, it is what you will find. If you want to see how you can get over a really tough moment in your life, you will find that. In the event you want to find more confidence so that you can make a professional leap, you will find that.

The huge problem is that what Napoleon Hill talks about is an amplification of the values and beliefs that you already have. That is why this book is basically anything you want it to be. The one main thing that this book teaches you is how to develop your confidence. In most situations people have problems during their life because of the fact that they lack confidence so you can benefit from reading “Think And Grow Rich”.

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What is really worth mentioning is that this is a book that will not tell you that you have to just think about something hard in order to make stuff happen. Napoleon Hill keeps taking you through the necessity to be confident. He tells you to keep your eyes on the prize without considering what the dream may be.

We can say that the main idea behind this book is one that we should always remember: self-confidence and being driven will be a huge part of your success. However, they are just some pieces of a puzzle that is a whole lot larger.

To sup up, in the event that your main life challenges are based on feeling you can achieve the dreams you have but there is a lack of focus, you need to read the book. In the event you were always really confident and you still cannot succeed, it is important to look for the answers to the life problems you have somewhere else. As a simple example, if you have time management problems and you cannot seem to find the necessary time to do something, you will not find something in this book that will help you out.

Nowadays there are so many books that talk about these things. The same ideas were rewritten many times but we have to admit that Napoleon Hill does a really good job with “Think And Grow Rich”. However, once again, everything is based on your current state of mind and your current confidence levels.

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