Apps to Help You Find Daily Creative Inspiration

There is no app out there that will boost your creativity in a direct way but using some can offer creative inspiration, basically helping you to release inner creativity. If you are stuck or you just want more creativity in your life, here are some apps that can help you out. Try them based on the situation you are in and find that daily creative inspiration that you may not have right now.


Available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch, Brainsparker is an app that helps you out with brainstorming by mixing in some randomness. The free app includes 200 cards that are thought-provoking in the phrases and words that they include. The idea is to shake the device so that a new card will be presented. This can spark your creativity by relating the result with what you are now thinking about.

TED Talks

Everyone knows TED these days since it manages to bring in provocative and innovative thought-leaders from all around the world. Many of the TED talks that are now available can give you a creative inspiration reset. Use the app in order to download some of the hundreds of free videos straight to your iOS or Android device of choice. You can also use a special function called Inspire Me. It helps you by choosing the inspiration type you are now seeking.

Simple Mind

This is a lesser-known mindmapping app that connects ideas with a whole. In many cases the real problem you face is not that ideas are not generated. The problem can be that you cannot organize them in a way that is going to work. Simple Mind is a wonderful computer based mindmapping app that features mobile versions. It helps create really useful mind maps and you can swap them with ease from a device to the next. Voice memos can be added, just like invisible notes that do not cloud mind maps. Although undervalued, the map is one that is highly effective in boosting creative idea generation.

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Creative block is something we all end up suffering from. Being stuck is not at all a great feeling and we do need to do something to become unstuck. This is exactly what the app is all about. It is practically a course that will teach you what to do to overcome moments when you get stuck by provoking you through targeted tips, questions and tools that are quite action-oriented. Whenever lacking creativity on a constant basis, this is the app that you seriously want to take into account.


The last highly recommended app to get you out of a creative jam is one that does just one thing. It will recreate a café’s ambient sounds. Background sounds were shown to make the brain become more creative and the app is taking full advantage of that. While the research is controversial, many creative individuals are known to do work in cafes as they feel more creative there so there may be some truth to that.

All the apps mentioned above have been helpful for people from around the world but there may be many others that we missed as being the best. Tell us what your preferred app is. What helped you to get out of a creative block and what did you use in order to become more creative?