The Inspirational Teachings of Jamaican Spiritual Thinker Mooji

Mooji is a highly unusual guru, often characterized as a cross between Bob Marley and Mahatma Gandhi. From the moment you see him you are impressed as he seems to be glowing, radiating good vibes. His real name is Tony Moo Young and he was born in Jamaica, in Port Antonio, in the year 19854. He spent a large part of his live in London though, working as a portrait artist to earn a living. You often find him organizing satsang all around the world, which is a 5 hour spiritual Q & A session where participants ask gurus questions about spirituality and much more. Satsang means “assembly of the highest truth” in Sanskrit and the meeting can take place outdoors or indoors.

Spiritual Healing

At an India satsang with Mooji in India there were hundreds that squeezed into a small tent and followed the spiritual guru because of the inspiration offered. The same thing happened at a satsang in New York, with Mooji being a part of a 9 months tour all around the world, reaching destinations like Spain, Ireland, Italy, Brazil and India. All this is thanks to the inspiration offered.

Spiritual Teachings

There are various things we can learn about spirituality if we follow Mooji. For instance, one of the main ideas he has is connected to why people have problems getting in touch with their inner selves although they are living a simple and spiritual life. The guru says that it is simply because people try way too hard.

When thinking about why you do not sleep as contentedly as you did in the past, Mooji highlights that there are people that did not sleep for years. Sleep is often seen just as something the body needs. Sleeping contentedly is not something people should strive for as what is really important in life is to not worry and to stay happy. Worrying about not being able to sleep is in itself a problem. Practicing Advaita, the Mooji version, which is less demanding, is something that will help.

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According to Mooji, in order to reach enlightenment and spiritual content you do not have to follow worldly pleasure abstain practices. The guru declared that he often enjoys some chicken while watching TV, particularly X Factor. His way of being is basically, in his own words, “a kind of religion without religion, without doctrine.” Basically, Mooji is very popular among his followers because he does not focus on offering enlightenment. He mainly offers love.

In order to find his path, Mooji gave up his job and home in order to head out to India in the year 1993. He did not really know why he would do this but he did it. As time passed, he became a disciple of Papaji and then moved on to London, eventually becoming a guru in the year 1999. This happened as a group of people kept telling him to start offering satsangs in London.

The Start In Jamaica

At first glance you are going to see Mooji as an unlikely guru. Even so, he always had followers and was really popular, with many followers. His brother is a well-known tennis player and he always said people follow Mooji. The guru’s personality is highlighted always and if you want to get in touch with someone that is different than what you would expect, Mooji is definitely someone you want to learn more about.