Rainbow Children Characteristics

Count your blessings when you have a rainbow child

Rainbow Children are the souls who were born from crystal souls, coming here on Earth with a new knowledge. Most of the Rainbow Children were born during 1975-1995 and many of them will be born until 2015. Those souls have the energy of rainbow, an energy that can cure the mind, body and soul. Rainbow Children come on Earth with an impressive aura which has a varied spectrum of colors.

rainbow children

Rainbow Children have a high energy frequency and their energy manifests physically as well, because they tend to be hyperactive and can exhaust the ones around them. Their heart chakra is very beautiful and they can heal with its help, surrounding us with a positive energy.


Their eyes are big and they are confident in others. Rainbow Children are also telepathically. Their personality is strong and they are willing to do many good things. Nothing can stop them, because their personal power is so big that they might seem stubborn in others’ eyes.

Even when they are young they are perfectly capable of telling what they want and need. When they need something they expect that everything fixes immediately. They love colors and shapes and they can feel the vibes around them. They only feel comfortable around people who can express themselves. They can also see others’ auras.

Great Mood

Being in a good mood almost all the time, they manifest themselves through enthusiasm in everything they do, connecting to everything that exists around them. They have a loving and forgiving soul, which makes them very sensitive. Rainbow Children have no karma, because they’ve never been on Earth before. Therefore, they can enjoy life here and constantly learn from everything that surrounds them.

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Chaos and challenges are not something they want in their lives and this is why they choose to be born in joyful families that manage to live in harmony. They are very generous, sincere and have an open heart that is capable of giving everything and expecting nothing in return. They don’t fear others, they love unconditionally and they don’t keep grudge. Their wish is to be helpful to others and they don’t let themselves being corrupted by prejudices and negative emotions.


Just like Crystal Children, they are often confused with people who suffer from autism, but unlike them, their difficulties are about human emotions, especially the negative ones. They are vulnerable to malice, violence and chemical substances. Since this is their first life on Earth, they never had to deal with these things before. This is why they need protection and an environment in which they can feel comfortable (spiritually and energetically).

Their purpose here is to complete what crystal children started: to bring harmony among people. The three kinds of children, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow have a certain task. Indigo children need to break the traditional thinking and make the mankind realize that there are more things that we don’t see; the Crystal Children will build the foundation of the new thinking and finally, Rainbow Children are here to build and finish what Indigo and Crystal Children started.