Basic Things You Have To Know About Spiritual Energy

The existence of spiritual energy is something that is not a secret. It was well known by ancient traditions and it is a shame to see that in the modern times there is no such understanding as we drift towards the material side of things. Native traditions did focus on spiritual energy in order to cleanse the body and offer healing. We can also do the same but we have to understand what we are looking at.

Energy Vortexes

Spiritual energy in our body showcases energy centers. They are usually referred to as chakras. The actual number of these chakras varies from one tradition to the next. In Chinese medicine we have hundreds of different acupuncture points while in most martial arts the only energy center mentioned is hara. Even so, there are arts in which we have 7 energy centers. It is common to refer to spiritual energy in connection to 7 chakras, all vertically aligned along the back.

Prana And Chi

It is said that spiritual energy does not have a power that can be measured. It is known as Chi in China and Prana in India. Energy flows through chakras but this only happens in the event that the energy vortexes are activated or open. There are various techniques that are used to unlock these centers.

Physics And Spiritual Energy

Transversal energies that travel in an empty space, a void, will behave like regular longitudinal vibrations. We know this from physics. Energies tend to have distinct frequencies. This is one explanation for the fact that music is known to activate chakras. In Indian culture we have Prima Sounds that utilize specific music scales with the same chakra frequency.

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Spiritual Energy And Consciousness Integration

You can use many different methods to unleash or improve spiritual energy. No matter what you choose, in order to integrate consciousness, you need to open, balance and tune the chakras. Consciousness laws show us that during human life we do not have consciousness integrated. It can be seen as an accompanying factor. We even sleep with some degree of consensus trance.

Because of the fact that consciousness is discontinued, spiritual energy is affected. Every single one of our problems can be analyzed by using the energy perspective. We can even look at awakening and potentials through the energy lens. In the event that consciousness is discordant or shattered, spiritual energy is negatively affected.

One of the most important things that we have to understand is that there is a clear link between spiritual energy and consciousness. We do not know too much about this but it is obvious that the two are connected. If we do not achieve consciousness coherence, we cannot control those 7 chakras mentioned above.

We can keep talking about spiritual energy for a long time but the one thing that we should remember at the end of the day is that we have to study and practice in order to control something that cannot be physically touched. No matter what choice you make, always work with someone that knows a lot about spiritual energy.