What Should You Keep in Mind If You Have Crystal Children?

The crystal vibration phenomenon is speculated to be the next big stage of our human evolution. This special group of children is believed to have been sent to save the earth and are known as peace makers. These children manifest on this earth as special children and the medics diagnose them as ‘autistic’ because they live in a totally special and hard to understand type of detached obscurity.

crystal children

The psychics explain this phenomenon by saying that crystal children are spontaneous and have unconditional love. They want to please others but are in a world where they do not really fit so they detach themselves because they are always extremely sensitive and vulnerable. They are passive observing forerunners sent to help us create new vibrations in our lives and see if we are ready to transit to the next stage of higher human evolution. When you have a crystal child you should be able to observe the following important aspects:

Crystal children are exceedingly sensitive to many things in their environments: sound, strong smells, solar flares, the pain of others, violence, negative emotions, chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies and more. That is why they don’t completely fit into a normal human environment. Their environment must be shielded and the energy kept harmonious.

They are natural peacemakers and healers. It is believed that they are on a mission to bring peace and harmony on earth, to help us see the tender things we have forgotten, the little things we need to change in order to evolve to a higher and more peaceful state of humanity.

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They are dissociated. They require time alone. They cannot exist calmly in a group because of the different energies around them creating an imbalance for their spirits with which they are unable to cope with. They require solitude and still profound silence.

They are wise: These children are easy to parent if you understand them. They can read minds and never easily fall out with parents because they always understand what is required of them. They know what is good or bad for them too. These children are also capable of communicating telepathically which is a trait of this higher evolution they have been commissioned to scout for.

They love unconditionally. These children love deeply and unconditionally and they radiate love all around them. They are also generous because they have very few material needs. They love animals and babies and for this reason they draw lovely things to them. They make lasting and intense connections with others. People are also attached and drawn to them because love is a universal language. They are thought to be the only ones that understand true love. They however do not have romantic relationships because it makes their space feel invaded whilst they love to stay dissociated.

They love Crystals: These children are attracted to crystals and crystalline objects.  You find them playing with water in baths, waterfalls, and pools and in sand too. They also have large crystalline eyes and when they look at someone they seem to peer deep into the soul.

These points help a parent or guardian to better understand and take care of their crystal children. They are useful tips to help these children cope in a world that is not really optimal for them.

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