Why Do Children Tend To See Ghosts More Than Adults?

There are so many things that can be said about this topic. We are faced with something that is normally not understood properly by parents because it is normal for a child to have an imaginary friend. The problem is that in some cases the friends are actually ghosts so you need to be careful about the interaction.

We do not really know why children end up seeing more ghosts than adults but there are different theories about this. The main ones are going to be presented here.

Theory Number One

According to many, every single individual in the world is naturally gifted with the possibility of connecting with spirits because there is no conditioning that is imposed by the society to make this look impossible. As a result, we have a natural innate paranormal ability, one that a young child can use to see the things that the adult will naturally miss. As people grow up, the cynical nature of the world leads towards disbelieving all things that are not known or understood so the ability to see ghosts basically disappears.

Theory Number Two

This is a theory that is biological and the one that can be really convincing. An adult will only be able to see an electromagnetic spectrum between 400 nm and 700 nm. UVA light becomes invisible between 315 nm and 400 nm. Infrared light will be over 750 nm, up to 1 mm. All this practically means that what the adult sees is limited and there are various things that can happen outside this range.

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Young children can see the light that appears at 380 nm. Most paranormal experts will tell you that the ghosts are actually seen at infrared and UV range. This is why humans do not actually see them. The child can end up zoning out simply because of the fact that they see a spirit you cannot.

Theory Number Three

Babies normally tend to fixate on just one point. A mother can catch newborns smiling at something that is seen at a distance. In this case the theory dictates that the young baby just left the world of the spirits so there is a natural inclination to see the ghostly visitors in this brand new world. It is said that this is why you see babies chatting at times with who knows what.

What Should You Do When Children See Ghosts?

This is most likely why you are really interested in the question above. People can believe in ghosts or not but when children do seem to see something or someone, the best thing that you can do is to trust the child. Gut reactions tell you to think that children are just having imaginary friends. Protecting the child is normal but that does not mean that you can simply ignore this imaginary friend. What if the ghost is bad?

Always do the following when the child tells you that they have a friend or that they see something:

  • Do Not Panic

Try to talk with the child. He/she should describe what is seen. Listen to what the child says and do have a sincere interest. Children do not share with parents when they are disbelieving or upset.

  • Analyze Emotional Impact
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If the child is OK with the ghost BFF, the paranormal activity is most likely not a cause for any panic. There is always the possibility that the ghost will soon disappear. When you see that the child is now frightened, this is where you have to worry a little. You want to explain to the child that the ghost is just curious and you then want to focus on keeping an eye on how things go.

  • Directing The Attention Of The Child Away From The Ghost

Parents can encourage sightings. This is not necessarily bad in the event that you think that the child may be a medium and there are no problems that appear. However, in most cases a parent will want to keep the spirit away from the child until the child will grow out of the phase. This is understandable.

Remember that a ghost will show itself much more often in the event that it is acknowledged. After your child will reveal the ghost, you can play with the child more instead of letting him stay alone. This allows you to make the child ignore the ghost. Ghosts can thus simply go away.