Who Is Don Miguel Ruiz? Biography And Main Works!

miguel angel ruizDon Miguel Ruiz (full name Miguel Angel Ruiz) was born in 1952 and is a really well known Toltec spiritualist author. He also writes neoshamanistic texts and the teachings offered are publicly influenced by Carlos Castaneda’s work. Readers receive teachings that are similar to New Age beliefs but there are differences. Everything is basically focused on the Toltec teachings with the main purpose of achieving peace, love and happiness.

The Four Agreements

This is the name of the most influential and famous work by Don Miguel Ruiz. It appeared in 1997 and over 4 million copies were already sold. Because of its popularity, Ruiz was featured on the Oprah TV show. The book advocates personal freedom and focuses on integrity. As the name implies, there are 4 arguments highlighted. They are:

the four agreements

What is interesting is that a fifth argument was issues by Don Jose Ruiz, Miguel’s son. The book was sold as The Fifth Agreement. We thus have the fifth one:

the fifth agreement

Don Miguel Ruiz is fluent in both English and Spanish. He leads different US retreats and holds lectures. Most of the students are from America.

In the year 2002 Miguel suffered a heart attack. Due to it he had to spend 9 weeks in coma. Pain was then felt for 8 years after recovery. That is a main reason why he handed the entire business to his son. In 2010 he received a heart transplant and reports say that he is doing well now.

Don Miguel Ruiz Biography

As many of the really well known motivational speakers from around the world, Miguel was born in a really humble family that had strong roots in rural Mexico traditions. He is the youngest of thirteen children and always stated that he was lucky enough to have learned all about being responsible as he was really young.

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Miguel is a surgeon and actually practiced neurosurgery for many years. That was when he figured out that the physical brain is not the only one that needs to be healed. After a near fatal car accident his beliefs were influenced as he claims to have experienced an out-of-body experience during that time. He then decided to get back to his Toltec roots and finished learning to become a shaman.

The next fifteen years were spent doing work to explore different ways to change and heal human mind. His students showed problems in quieting minds and Miguel tried to offer different tools to help them. That is how the Four Agreements were born. The book includes specific practical steps that can be used by any person that wants to achieve personal transformation.

More About The Toltec Teachings Offered

The shaman is named Nagual in Toltec tradition. His job is to guides the individual towards personal freedom. Don Miguel basically explored the mind while thinking about a scientific and Toltec perspective. Old and modern insights are basically used in order to create a brand new message tailored for all people from around the world. Everything is based on common sense and truth and Miguel dedicated his entire life towards sharing that message.


Don Miguel is well respected around the world for the work that he did and the influence he has on people. Various recognitions were received along the years. This includes a challenge coin by the US Air Force and a reference as a Mexico National Heirloom.

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The Four Agreements appeared in 1997 and was a bestseller in the New York Times list for over seven years. It was also the thirty sixth bestselling book in that decade. The other books that followed were also international bestsellers.