What Are The Best Motivational Books You Should Read?

What Are The Best Motivational Books You Should Read?

When it comes to motivational books, it is obvious that everything is highly subjective. There are literally thousands of such books and many of them are very interesting. Even those that you may not agree with include some ideas that you will love. Let us take a look at the best motivational books according to what we believe. You may feel different and we want to hear from you. Tell us if there is a book you believe we should have included. So head on to your library and find these books if you did not read them!

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The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

Steven Corvey does have moments when he is too preachy but the road map offered for living is very interesting. It aids you to develop a better lifestyle with better habits and convinces you that when you get them, you will become a much better person.

Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill put together this book after interviewing 40 millionaires so that he can discover what is common in their thought processes or behaviors. The reason was to see why they are successful. Based on the interviews he studied the best revolutionary practices for those that many thought achieved their wealth through luck and greed. The idea was dismissed and the motivational book shows you that you too can become rich if you have the right mindset.

As A Man Thinketh

Most motivational books will tell you to act immediately. This one by James Allen was written in 1902 and does not tell you to do that. We can say that it is better thought. The book will tell you how the thoughts mold personality and how your personality will lead towards taking action. We basically have an interesting approach that teaches you how to create a proper way of thinking so that you can actually be successful in life.

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Drive is written by Daniel H. Pink, who says that motivation does not come from using specific tools and methods, as other authors would want us to believe. Pink teaches us that motivation often comes from so many sources that it is really hard to identify them all. At a high performance level, motivation is linked to a really deep and profound sense of individuality and drive comes from what you really want to be, which is one thing many do not actually know. Drive teaches us about intrinsic motivation and how it is essentials to gain creativity.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Theologians and psychologists instantly attacked Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking as it appeared. It was considered heretical. The author was accused of being a scam. Nowadays things are different as scientific studies highlighted the basic concept inside the book as being 100% correct: a positive, optimistic attitude can make you live happier and healthier. When you are healthy and happy, there is a much higher possibility of being successful in life.

Once again, tell us what motivational book you see as the best or share with us the best one that you ever read. Readers will be happy to hear from your experience.

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