What Does Spirituality Actually Mean?

Defining spirituality is something that is close to impossible. It is similar to words like God, talent, charisma, creativity or love. Every single one of these is highly subjective. The spiritual experience one can gain is different from what another individual would obtain. That is because of the fact that spirituality is automatically connected with the state of mind of the individual, the stage of life he/she is at and culture, together with other subjective and unique factors.

As a very simple example, for one person spirituality can be the experience associated with connecting with impulses that are deep in order to create. In another case, spirituality may be about being able to achieve telepathy or really deep psychic connections with an individual. When you look at the very best of the spiritual books one can read right now, you instantly notice that there are many differences between them.

In most situations spirituality is connected to some sort of higher creation divinity. Some people believe in God. Others believe in Allah or Buddha. There are some that do not believe in a higher existence but do believe in a higher power that can be described as an energy force that controls the entire universe. All these examples can clearly highlight the differences that appear in personality between different people. Obviously, a huge part of this is the culture in which one is grown. This is always something that exists as an initial spiritual connection. However, as time passes, beliefs can be different and spiritual beliefs can easily change.

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Many spiritual connections are associated with the concept of primal anxiety. This is something that is hard to understand but it is a foundation of spirituality. At a truly basic form, this is the desire to want to procreate. It can be seen as a sexual urge. However, at a more sublime expression level, it is a desire to help in creating the entire world. This can include anything as being a primal anxiety expression with examples being given in birds, sports, love, theological propositions, dance, math, music and basically anything you would have an interest in.

For most people that reach a higher spirituality level, this concept becomes a subtle and unconscious necessity to create something that can be shared. This is why in many cases we see people becoming artistic and creating drawings, poems, music and even training programs.

The bottom line is that spirituality for you is something that is 100% subjective. You need to explore in order to find it and express yourself in a way that will make you really happy. Patience and properly understanding everything that happens around you is a clear necessity.

It is really important to learn from people that did achieve higher levels of spirituality. You want to see what they did and how they achieved it. That offers experience and guidance. The truth is that we can only get to a higher level when we are guided towards it. That is why mentors are so incredibly important in spirituality.