3 Things You May Not Know About Numerology

The ancient divination form of numerology is based on the principle that numbers have occult significations and they can teach us a lot about ourselves, our lives, our destiny and our life path. This is what most people know about numerology and this is also the reason people pay for numerology readings and other ancient divination forms. But there are other things about numerology that are interesting and not very-well known.

Numerology Can Be Used As A Guide

For example, numerology can determine a person’s weaknesses and strengths and can predict when a person will face challenges and when a person will have more opportunities. This is possible because, in numerology, each person’s score numbers have both negative and positive features that shouldn’t be skipped when trying to determine meanings for different aspects of one person’s life including career, love and health. Numerology can also calculate the shorter periods of a person’s life in order to determine the experience gained and the experience needed in the future and in this way a person will know what to do in order to create more opportunities for themselves. Basically, numerology can be your life guide since it can help you prepare for future experiences.

Malefic Numbers in Numerology

When malefic numbers are present in a person’s numerology chart it is an indication that the person suffered abuse in a previous life and that should be counterpoised in current life. When located in someone’s Life Path, Day of Birth, Soul Urge or other significant positions, malefic numbers are very important. When malefic numbers are present in a person’s Soul Urge they indicate that something will interfere with someone’s private life, disturbing their expectations and hopes. If malefic numbers are present in someone’s Expression Number, the person will face difficulties in their career but other outer aspects of life can also be affected.

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When present in the Life Path, malefic numbers influence all aspects of the human life.

Name Change And Numerology

When a person changes their name (when a woman gets married, for example), they could use their new name to calculate their numerology using a second chart for the changed name. However, the name recorded in the birth certificate, basically the name the person received at birth, will still affect the person’s life and destiny.