Am I An Indigo Child Or Indigo Adult?

The truth is that it takes a lot of time to figure out if you are an indigo child or adult. Others may need to help you out. It is a luxury we do not really have. Remember that the process is long and you will need to get as much information as possible about indigo children. We can only offer the basics through this article.

Indigo Child/Adult Traits

indigo adults

  • Feeling Different

The indigo people will feel different. He/she will ask many different questions and will always be on the lookout for information. The individual asks so much questions that everything becomes stressful on the long run. The indigo individual ends up thinking he/she is an alien, coming from another dimension or another planet. It is common that they constantly feel out of their place. That can leave towards thinking of depression or suicide.

  • Being Angry

The huge power of an indigo individual is found in her or his soul. This is way under internal personality. A really common feeling that appears is anger. Self-esteem is usually high but anger can lead towards various misconceptions. Indigos do know that they are much more important than others believe and think that they are worth so much more than what others say. When others do not appreciate what the indigo child does, anger steps in.

  • Really High Self Esteem

Deep down inside, the indigo child or adult realizes that he/she is valuable and powerful. They do feel emotions but they also have really high self-esteem, even if they do not realize this. Their instincts will tell them that they are better and that is the secret to keep them going.

  • Resistance To Structure, Hierarchy And Authority

The indigos will understand that society is a lie and will not appreciate authority as they see it as being an illusion. They will often evade doctors, teachers and other authority figures. Whenever forced to live under authority, they will become rebellious. The indigos will see through the lies of others and will figure it out when others try to cheat them. It is something that has to be understood because it is quite a great trait to remember.

  • Authenticity

Indigo children have a really well developed third eye. It will allow them to be 100% authentic and express a true self. Authenticity is not just a simple desire for the indigo. It is a need. The indigos have to be able to express themselves. He will generally keep quiet or go away in the event that he/she does not manage to be authentic.

  • Indigo Love

Indigo love is particularly strong. The feeling that is expressed will be so strong that others may end up feeling afraid or intimidated. In many situations the indigo child will be seen in the company of older people simply because they will be able to resonate better with their soul. All indigos enjoy contact and have a really warm heart.

  • Common Depressions

For indigos, depression appears because of not being able to understand personal power and the fact that they do not connect with other indigos.

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While these are the most common traits of the indigos, there are also others that you need to take into account. All Indigos:

  • Will have a sense of being on a mission to change something.
  • Are creative and have a really high energy
  • Are really intuitive
  • Are natural loners
  • Are highly sensitive
  • Have strong connections to children and animals
  • Defy age classification
  • Tend to go towards vegetarianism
  • Have faster internal rhythm
  • Have a really strong, steady gaze
  • Tend to have a really harsh childhood

If you exhibit some or all of the traits above, there is a strong possibility you are an indigo child/adult. However, more information may be needed. Make sure that you learn all that you can about indigo children so that you can actually realize if this is who you are. Sometimes you are tempted to believe that you are an indigo when this is not actually the case.