The Power of Human Energy Points

There are many cultures across the world that believe in the power of human energy points. They believe that these points can help people heal and achieve enlightened consciousness. Many of these points are associated with colors, sound, musical notes, light, and other energy frequencies. In addition, many cultures believe that these points can help control the chakras in the body.

Earth’s energy points are aligned in an ascending column

The occurrence of these alignments is not controversial. Statistical analysis can reject the null hypothesis of random chance. However, this null hypothesis is inconsistent with the evidence. However, the existence of alignments does not discredit the theories of astrology or dowsing.

They are alleged to have magnetic qualities

Magnetic qualities are claimed to be innate to human energy points. In fact, many people can legitimately “stick” metallic objects to their skin. This is a result of the force of friction between the metal and human skin. James Randi once used talc to demonstrate how magnetic some people were. The effect of magnetic fields on the human body is not entirely understood. But magnetic fields are believed to be a significant factor in health, disease, and other conditions.

They are energized by ley-line currents

Ley lines are alignments of ancient monuments that carry powerful electromagnetic fields, which can affect human mood, memory, and perception. Many famous places in the world are located on ley lines. The Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge are two such examples. Many civilizations have long been aware of these lines, and some believe that the currents of these lines have magical or psychic powers.

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In addition to ley lines, these currents can energize people, as well as animals. In Asheville, the Vance Monument is on two major ley lines that intersect. These lines are thought to emit high-frequency vibrations, which humans and animals can feel. Tuning into these waves of energy will give you a feeling of contentment.

They are associated with the 7 planets

There are seven planets that correspond to the seven energy points in the Human body. Jupiter is the largest of them all, measuring eleven times the size of Earth. All the other planets are smaller. In addition to Jupiter, there are also several asteroids associated with the planets. Jupiter is also a gas giant, with a density of more than 3 grams per cubic centimeter. All the planets have rings and significant magnetic fields. They also have many satellites.

The other planets also influence human life in various ways. The Moon is associated with the lungs, which governs blood and body fluids, while Mars affects the nervous system. Mercury, meanwhile, affects the skin, face, and thyroid. Jupiter affects the liver, kidneys, and pancreas, and also has an influence on memory. Venus, on the other hand, affects the face, cheeks, and throat.

They are a ‘doorway’ to the spiritual realm

Spiritual beings can communicate with us through these energy points. These channels can be objects, people, or places. These energy points are often conical in shape and draw energies to them. They are also called Vortexes. The most common human-made Portal entry points are mirrors, doorways, windows, and other areas where energy can concentrate.

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They can be used for healing

Human energy points are points on the body where pressure can be applied to promote healing. These points are found in many parts of the body, and by pressing on them, you can influence other areas and improve your health. Although research on the use of pressure points for healing is limited, some practitioners say they are an effective alternative to invasive therapies. Acupressure and reflexology are two examples of techniques that use pressure points to promote healing. These techniques are both non-invasive and relatively safe.

The placebo effect is another method that can be effective. This effect occurs when the brain convinces the body that the treatment will work. This effect can relieve pain and fatigue.