Here’s What Numerology Says About Your Name

Here’s What Numerology Says About Your Name

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Have you ever heard of numerology? If you are the kind of person who always likes to know more about the purpose of humanity on Earth you may have heard of it or are about to discover it. Our existence is not as simple as it may seem. There are numerous variables and factors that influence it and this is one of them.

Did you know that your date of birth can actually influence the key traits of your personality? This does not mean that change is not recommended. It is actually highly advisable to change and find new paths from subscribed traits yet some things never seem to change. We are who are in the core of our hearts and this seems to be influenced by important numbers. Let’s discover more about why your name means much more than you think.

Decoding Our Own Names

It is important to mention at this stage the fact that in Numerology each and every letter in a name has a correspondent number. Also, the way in which each letter is placed influences the focus on that specific letter as well as its numerological meaning for the individual. Let’s focus on the numerological meaning of letters to get better insights on these aspects.

The Cornerstone

This is the first letter of any given name. What it manages to do is provide important general insights about the essential personality of any individual. It also has a lot to feature in terms of how you approach life challenges and opportunities. We would make it as simple as this: the cornerstone is all about the way in which individuals tend to approach any ups and downs in life.

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The Capstone

This is the last letter in any given name. It is related to the way in which you can see projects as an individual as well as the important ideas towards their completion. It is the finishing number, as numerologists call it. The cornerstone and the capstone are very important because they bookend your name. This way, they allow individuals to simply realize how easy or difficult it is for them to start or terminate important projects in life. It can actually tell you a lot about yourself, things you have not been aware of before and even give you insights on best principles to consider following in the future.

The Importance of the First Vowel

The first vowel in your name gets to the core of your personality. Just consider your life goals and dreams while looking at it. It will offer you interesting glimpses into this area of your life. It may even reveal something you and your closest friends only know about yourself.

From A to Z

From A to Z each letter comes with its own significance for the individual, his/her personality traits and ways of dealing with life challenges.

  • Letter A in your name means that you are highly ambitious and your very own person. No external pressure will find place in your life.
  • B is for being sensitive and kind of introvert.
  • C is the right letter for people wearing their hearts on their sleeve and who are very lucky in life.
  • D is the right one for pragmatic, grounded kind of people who can express themselves clearly.
  • E is the mark of freedom combined with perfect responsibility. You get along easy with people but should stay away from interference in situations where you may not be welcome.
  • If G found place in your name it means that you are an intellectually active person as far as numerology is concerned. You can and will make things happen in life.
  • If you are a visionary, you most definitely have letter H in your name. You can make a lot of money but you are also a master when it comes to losing money easily.
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The list of valuable meanings that come from each and every letter in your name is endless. It is all about analyzing its place in your own name to see how personality traits given by it find place in your life. Numerology gives us all the chance to learn more about ourselves and even get to understand everything going on in our life easier. Check out your name today and see who you are!

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