Healthy Relationship Goals – Examples To Consider In Your Relationship

Looking for healthy relationship goals? There are many that you can pursuit with the one you love. If you do not have goals while you are in a relationship is just like starting to travel without any set destination. This is totally unwise and normally leads to huge problems that are very hard to solve.

Relationship goals help much more than what many think. They keep the couple focused. Fortunately, you do not need to set really hard-to-reach goals. The best relationship goals, those that are healthy, are so much simpler than what you initially thought. Here are some fulfilling examples that you can consider right now.

Always Being Honest With Each Other

Honesty is one of the most important things that you need to have in any relationship. Relationship honest means that you always say exactly what you mean and you actually mean what you are saying at all times. Couples that manage to stay honest always have a much higher possibility of developing that true healthy relationship that is seen as a goal by many.

In some cases this means that you need to be trained, you have to train yourself to actually always tell the truth while you encourage the partner to do the exact same thing. It is true that everybody lies but in a healthy relationship, this should never happen.

Remember that you can always get over everything, as long as trust and honesty are pillars of your relationship.

Having Open, Free Communication

If you want to have a healthy relationship it is imperative that communication is not restricted. When you talk alone and nobody listens, nothing good can happen. A great healthy relationship goal is to have a truly open and free communication. This involves talking when you feel like you need to talk and actually listening when your partner wants to say something.

When communication is free, misunderstandings do not happen and the relationship is not destroyed by the fact that you or your spouse did not understand something.

Good communication will help you to reach any other goal since you would be able to work as a couple, as two, as opposed to two separate entities on different paths.

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Career Fulfillment

Remember that we live in 2018 so before a couple meets, there is a huge possibility that both had a career. Marriage should never crush careers, similarly to how a career should not crush a marriage. It is important to reach a balance. When you think about healthy relationship goals you need to focus on the career aspect. Basically, through open communication and support it is possible that both spouses reach career fulfillment. This will not hurt the relationship. It just makes it stronger. If career affects the relationship, a big problem is most likely in place.

If career is becoming a problem in your relationship, make it a goal to solve this and discuss what is happening. In extreme cases, even external help might be needed.

Sustainable Finance

When you are married you need money. There are bills that need to be paid and when children appear, things get tougher. One of the relationship goals that you set needs to include how financial responsibilities are going to be met.

You should know that only infidelity is breaking up more couples than financial problems. There are different things that can lead to fights and resentment, especially when the couple struggles to make ends meat from month to month. This is why you want to be sure that one of the relationship goals you set is to never exceed income with what you spend. Such a goal is much easier said than done but once again, with proper communication it is possible.

Always be sure that income is honestly declared and that the partner knows about it. Never indulge in really freaky spending that can lead to financial problems. Discuss all the big expenses to keep a healthy relationship going.

How Many Children Will You Have?

This question is actually a great healthy relationship goal when you both agree to how many children you will have. According to many specialists, if this does not match, all other relationship goals become useless.

For starters, you want to agree to have children in the first place. Then, you need to agree on how many children. Discuss all other related things, like whether or not you would consider adopting. All of these create a healthy relationship if they align. If not and disagreements appear, problems are sure to follow.

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Achieving Mutual Respect

There are different respect goals that should exist in a healthy relationship, including maintaining and recognizing individual boundaries. Both partners need respect and you cannot give respect if you are not respected.

Start by talking about what the other person thinks is disrespectful and what will insult them. Then, move on and say what you find to be disrespectful. Set boundaries and respect them. If respect does not exist or disappears, the relationship is ruined.

Spirituality Goals

When relationship goals are set, it is a really good idea to discuss spirituality. Humans are spiritual beings and in most cases it is important, as an example, to join someone that has the same religion. There can be huge differences between religions and spirituality beliefs. Religious orientation does dictate how things are perceived. If religion is the same, everything is simpler.

Obviously, spirituality is much more than just religion. Always discuss everything before things get serious so you avoid problems. Sometimes, spirituality beliefs and goals simply lead to problems that cannot possibly be fixed.

Setting Home Individual Roles

Issues that seem simple, like who takes out the trash, can easily turn into a huge problem. As the relationship starts and is in an early stage, it is time to talk about individual roles. Some roles can seem as they are gender-selective but the partner might not agree with this. As an example, in the past it was almost always the job of the woman to clean the home. In modern times this is no longer the case and both partners tend to do their part. Some will clean the dishes and others will take out the trash.

Who will clean the car? Such things have to be discussed. The great thing about it is that when you actually discuss such things you get better at communication and you learn more about your partner.

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Recreation As A Healthy Relationship Goal

The relationship automatically becomes healthier when recreation is involved. It is impossible to keep working and have a great relationship. There are moments needed to relax and unwind. Talk with the partner and see how you can recreate? Do you want to go on vacation? Maybe you two want to be relaxed when you go to a restaurant.

It is important to set appropriate goals when it comes to recreation or you might end up having absolutely no time to actually relax with your partner, especially outside of your home, which is really important for a truly healthy relationship. Jobs have demands and responsibilities. However, there are also responsibilities towards your partner. This does include spending quality time together.

Relationship With Siblings And Parents

The degree to which parents and siblings are involved in your own relationship can easily make or break everything. It is important to discuss how important family is for you and your partner. Then, you need to agree to the limits that are set.

It is quite rare not to have some sort of crisis pop up when referring to siblings and parents. These have to be mediated based on respect or trust. If your partner tells you that they never want to see their parents again, it is something that you should respect and never try to force it just because your relationship with your parents is very strong.

Final Thoughts

Every single couple is different. There are always different relationship goals that are set. What is important is that they are healthy and that they are based on communication and true trust. The examples above are just some that can be mentioned. Countless others could be said.

What is your important healthy relationship goal? Let us know through a comment below.