How Lucid Dreaming Relates to Astral Projection

How Lucid Dreaming Relates to Astral Projection

Lucid dreaming is always connected to astral projection in the eyes of many that do not actually know that much about the subject. While connections do exist, it is really important that we understand what these two terms are and what they really mean. Let us define them and fully understand what we talk about.

Defining Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming

Just as the term implies, lucid dreaming means that you dream and you are aware of the fact that you dream. This means that you control the dream characters, even if this skill does take some practice. It allows you to fly and do whatever you want. Your imagination is the only thing that limits you.

Astral projection is what we normally refer to as an out of body experience. It happens when the consciousness or soul leaves your body and enters the astral plane realm. The place is different than what we know or regularly understand.

Let’s Compare The Two

The facts are quite simple. Lucid dreaming means:

  • You experience everything in a dream
  • You are asleep
  • The location is chosen by you
  • The consciousness lies inside your body
  • Complete control over characters and the environment
  • As lucid dreaming ends, you wake up

Astra projection means:

  • Your mind is awaken
  • The experience is quite real
  • The consciousness lies outside of the body
  • The environment can be controlled to some extent but inhabitant control is not possible
  • As the experience is over, the body merges with the consciousness

Lucid Dreaming For Astral Projection

Many think that lucid dreaming is important for astral projection. This is not actually the case. There are people that simply learn astral projection and know nothing about lucid dreaming. Eventually, it is possible to leave your body whenever you want to, even when you are awake.

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Now, lucid dreaming does allow you to wake up your mind while the body remains asleep. This is a skill that will be necessary for astral projection. Because of this, those that learn lucid dreaming and have experience with it can more easily reach astral projection. The astral vehicle is the astral body. That control that is gained in lucid dreaming can be seen as similar to what is experienced in astral projection, even if the two are different. This is what leads to the confusion.

Some Facts Of Interest

Lucid dreams can follow false awakenings as the individual can dream that astral projection happens. If what you experience is still a dream, it is lucid dreaming. For many it will be really difficult to realize which one is the case. However, when you realize when you are asleep and when you are awake, it is easy to control your mind and your body to repeat the experience.

There are situations in which a person reaches astral but does not leave the body. This will happen many times. Astral states mean that you are drawn in by astral realm but you simply cannot go. Entities can realize that this happens and some of them will not be that nice. Some try to suck the energy that you have. It is important that you maintain your consciousness and that you do not let the energy to be sucked out of your body.


The bottom line is that lucid dreaming is not the same as astral projection but there are many similarities that exist. A person that masters one does not necessarily have the skill to master the other. However, for those that start with lucid dreaming it is much easier to reach astral projection.

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