Meditation Exercises To Help You Visualize Success

Visualization is a great way to see what your hopes and dreams are and to make them happen. Success is and looks different for every person, but what we, as human beings, have in common is the ability to work towards our dreams and on our idea of success that we have in our mind and to make that mental image a real-life situation. Through the power of our mind, we can visualize success and we can use varies techniques to bring that success from our mind to our lives and meditation is one way to do that. As most mindfulness practices, meditation can help us to develop the ability to make leaps and to move in the direction we desire.

As we said, success looks different for every person so you have to determine what success looks like to you and to create small goals you can achieve progressively on your road to success. The best way to do that is to use visualization. In this way, you will be able to set goals and to focus and act on them. Knowing your goals and how they look like is not enough but being able to take action and take advantage of the momentum is what will bring you closer to the image of success in your mind.

Meditation Exercises Tips To Help You Visualize Success

Set Your Goals

The first thing you need to do is to picture a successful life in your mind. Achieving success through visualization involves starting from the end and working backward. The end image you have in mind should be the highest vision you can picture from an area of your life, career, health, family, finance, relationship, or our life as a whole.

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Know The Difference Between Goals And Vision

After you have that image in your mind you have work on setting specific goals that will help you to achieve success. Do not mistake your success vision with your goals. This is a common mistake people make and this is why they fail to achieve success. Goals allow you to think ahead, to move forward and to become what you want but they are not the end of the road, they are just accomplishments that lead you to the life of your dreams. Your motivation should be the vision you pictured at the beginning, basically the successful lifestyle you want. Vision, as opposed to goals, shouldn’t be created, it already exists within you. To put it simply, vision is the big picture while goals are the small steps you need to take to end up living in that big picture and not looking at it from far away.

A vision of success incorporates everything that is important and exciting for you, it is a mix of the things that make you happy and that brings only positive emotions to you. A goal is a milestone that should be completed in order to move to the next one and then the next one until you arrive at your destination – the vision you had in mind when you started this journey.

If you do not know how to set your goals in order to arrive at your final destination, you can learn about SMART goals, a concept that is usually used in marketing or project management to establish and list the goals of an organization.

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How To Meditate To Visualize Success

During meditation, try to connect with your goals and to set your mind on achieving them. Start with the first goal on our list and move to the second one only after the first goal was completed. In order to obtain the best results, try to think of your life after achieving the initial goal, picture our life, think of your feelings and the way you feel after you managed to achieve that goal. Involve all your senses in this process and visualize everything including who is with you, what is happening around you then, with that image in mind, picture yourself flying from that scene and back into your present life. Take a couple of deep breaths and repeat the process five times. Do this every single day until you achieve your goal then start the same process for the second goal on your list.