Book Review – “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin S. Sharma

The Monk Who Sold His FerrariThe full name of this Robin S. Sharma book is long: “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny.” Just as the title suggests, we are looking at a fable, one that will make you think about your dreams, goals and life.

While we cannot offer the book a maximum score because of different things that you will surely not like, we have to understand that we are, again, in front of a book that can be quite useful for people.

The Fable

The actual fable is about an attorney, Julian Mantle, that has a crazy priority set and schedule, all based on prestige, power and money. The attorney has a heart attack, sells everything he owns and then goes to India in order to seek a different existence. He comes back and is completely different, with practical and mystical advice that will be shared with you, the reader.


There are seven main concepts that are to be learned from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. They are:

  1. Mastering Your Mind
  2. Following Your Purpose
  3. Practicing Kaizen
  4. Living With Discipline
  5. Respecting Your Time
  6. Selflessly Serving Others
  7. Embracing The Present

Every single virtue is discussed in a separate chapter. There is a big chance you will incorporate some in your life after you read Robin S. Sharma’s book.

The Bad Part?

The bad part about this book is that the really useful tips offered are not organized properly. You need to basically figure them out and you should create your own list so you have it at hand. Also, there are so many principles that are offered. It can be really tough to incorporate everything in your life. Make sure that you take it one principle at a time. That is because when you would try to add more, it is a guarantee you would not be able to sustain that addition. Take it one step at a time. Simply try to write down what concept you feel would add value to your life and then try to incorporate it. Do the same for all the other concepts you like.

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On the whole, we can say that the book is really interesting and you will feel inspired by at least some of the recommendations offered. You should consider buying it in the event that you want to incorporate good and productive habits or routines that can transform your life and aid you to get closer to the dreams you have at the moment. The principles can help you to be happier and calmer. You will juggle through various ideas but you can always choose, pick those that you appreciate the most and that you really want inside your life.

It should also be added that the book is also quite easy to read. It is very well written and you are not taken through concepts that are really complicated and a language that is hard to understand. This is usually a huge problem with such books.