What To Expect In Your First Zen Meditation Class

What To Expect In Your First Zen Meditation Class

Zen meditation classes are going to be a great experience for absolutely all people that want to try it. However, what happens at the first meditation class is normally something that will surprise people. This is because every single class can be different based on the individual. Even so, some things can be said about what to expect. Just make sure that you choose a guide that can really help you, someone with experience. Way too many offer to teach meditation classes and do not actually have the necessary knowledge and experience to help people.

Learning To Take Your Time

The first class is all about learning and figuring out what is going to happen. What is vital is to take your time. You will have to calm down. Teachers talk in a calm manner about breathing and how important it is. Then, the class starts to breathe in its own rhythm. Much talking is done by the teacher with the purpose of calming the class. The idea is that you want to eliminate stress and negativity through breathing. If your day was particularly bad, you will have to spend more time to calm down.

Practice is always necessary. It will take time to control breathing and get the hang og everything. Do not get mad if you have problems. This is normal for most people. You will surely not be able to perfectly control your breathing and to let go of all your worries with just 1 or 2 classes. Do not judge yourself. The brain can easily keep chattering. If you take some time to acknowledge what happened throughout the day before the meditation class, it will be easier.

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Trying New Things

Contrary to popular belief, no two Zen meditation sessions are alike. You will try brand new things with every attempt. You breath and then you may try alternate nostril breathing. This is sometimes done in yoga but unexpected in meditation. This is much harder to do than what you instantly think.

You need to keep an open mind and heart. As you keep meditating you will be able to do it much more regularly. You get to find more time and enjoy a deeper thinking. Even one meditation session can make you be more aware of what is going on around you.

Use Of Accessories And Extras

One thing that most people do not expect with the first meditation class is the use of different accessories and tools. For instance, you can see the teacher using a bell to mark when palms should be brought to your heart center. Using the accessories will mark important moments in the meditation. In most cases the student does not even realize how much time passes during meditation.

The Open Heart

Meditation is never similar for all people. There are various ways to meditate. Skeptics have many misconceptions; usually that chanting is always present in meditation. Mindfulness practices will help you to protect the meditation journey you will be on.

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