What Is Telepathy? How To Learn Telepathy

What Is Telepathy? How To Learn Telepathy

What Is Telepathy How To Learn Telepathy

What do you really know abotut telepathy?

We all need to understand the fact that telepathy is actually quite difficult to define. Simply put, we can define it as being the direct communication that happens between minds. Most people think that there is just one form of telepathy when the truth is that there are actually many forms that exist:

  • Feeling transmission – these are normally registered in your solar plexus. It is a telepathy form that is really common among animals, vegetables and humans.
  • Images And Emotions transmission – this is a telepathy form that is common between humans.
  • Phrases And Words transmission – another telepathy form that is common between humans. As the name implies, it is really complex and a lot of training will be needed in order to achieve this.


Achieving telepathic skill is difficult. The student has to learn how to properly control feeling in a way that will allow him/her to let energy circulate freely between centers. Mental clarity is always difficult to achieve when your mind is faced with heavy emotions and feelings. It is necessary to become an observer so that you can sense more than you see or feel, which is really difficult.

Developing Telepathy

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The most important thing is to first figure out exactly how telepathic you are at the moment. Then, your abilities have to be improved. Telepathy stands out as a basic skill that is possessed by absolutely all animals and humans. That is because deep down inside we are spirits and we are not bodies. Spirits can only communicate through telepathy. This practically means that you have telepathic skills without even knowing it.

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Contrary to what you may think at the moment, telepathy is not the ability to read someone’s mind. We are faced with communicating by thought. The normal telepathic ability of the individual atrophied due to many reasons. This includes being told that it is not real and lack of usage.

Everything starts with making your mind still. You need to not think of anything else, future or past. This is actually the most difficult part of telepathy. It is a good idea to learn how to meditate since that will help you a lot through the entire process.

An Exercise

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Start your exercise by sitting down with another person. Take 7 pencils with different colors. A person should be designed to send and one to receive. The one person that sends will choose a color. Then, the person “sends” this color to the other person. As they start doing this, the word “start” is said loud and clear.

The person that will receive the color needs to look inside the other individual’s mind in order to see what though is said. They will say a color, like “red”. If that is the correct color, the sender says Yes. If the answer is incorrect. The sender says Start again and sends another color.

This is an exercise that should be practiced for around 10 minutes. After that, sides should be switched and a break should be taken. It is an exercise that is exhausting so you need to be careful.

Many are better at receiving or sending. It is something that has to be remembered. After practicing this exercise, you can go for others or increase difficulty.

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Learn all that you can about telepathy since it is one skill that is very useful for everyone.

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