The Different Types Of Spirits And Ghosts

The Different Types Of Spirits And Ghosts

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The Different Types Of Spirits And Ghosts

Terms like “ghosts” or “spirits” are not understood properly by most people. That is completely normal since we are talking about the paranormal, things that we do not fully understand. With this in mind, it is a great idea to start learning as much as possible about the topic and never blindly believe what someone says since there are various opinions about this topic.

In most cases ghosts are human spirits that did not cross over to the “other world”. They dwell between 2 realms, the spiritual and the physical. The spirit is usually defined as the human’s incorporeal part, like the soul or mind. This is where most of the confusion appears. Besides this fact, the various types of spirits and ghosts are as follows:

  • Family Ghosts – These are ghosts that are linked to a family. Unresolved issues may exist. The ghost can be current or be linked with ancestors.
  • Full Body Apparition – This is when a spirit or a ghost appears under solid form.
  • Non-Human Spirit – This is exactly what you imagine. These spirits were never human and can end up manifesting in any form. Contrary to popular belief, not all non-human spirits are bad.
  • Entities – This is an existence or a being that exists as a completely independent, distinct or even a self-contained being. The non-physical entity is the one that does not have a material body or physical characteristics. You can see the entities in various religious being referred to as gods, devas or deities. They should not be confused with non-corporeal beings, which are made out of intelligent energy, using energy and absorbing it from the surrounding environment. The parasitic entity is an energetic entity that is intelligent. It attaches to a human host and manipulates it like the leech.
  • Elementals – They are nature spirits with a specific and unique essence being linked to earth, water, fire or air. Ether, the fifth element, is the spirit element.
  • Demons – The ones you always hear about. They are non-human entities that are malevolent and torment humans.
  • Shadow People – Spirits that basically appear in human form. It can be a ghost that cannot manifest itself or a spirit that is carrying a really strong negative emotion like hatred, sadness or anger. Energy is darkened and we also have shadow animals. The shadow creatures are never human entities. They will appear as dark masses without shape or human features, sometimes noticed as cloaked or hooded figures.
  • Graveyard Specters – You will also hear the terms shades or shells to refer to these apparitions, which are believe to be remnants that remain after a person dies. The energy is ethereal and you will commonly see them in graveyards some time after burial, thus the name.
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Hopefully, the explanation of these terms helped out a lot and you will be able to talk differently when you discuss ghosts or spirits. There are also other terms that are used by specialists but these are definitely the most common ones that you will hear.

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