Book Review – “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success” by Deepak Chopra

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of SuccessThe main message and goal of this book by Deepak Chopra is highlighted in the full name of the book: “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success – A Practical Guide To The Fulfillment Of Your Dreams”. The world renowned author tries to teach us different steps that can alter our lives so that we an attain success. Whether or not you will find the ideas mentioned as being suitable for you is something that is subjective but we can say that this is a book you do want to read.

How Can You Succeed?

Deepak Chopra tries to prove the fact that success does not come because of hard work, ambition or plans. We are told that understanding the human being’s basic nature and respecting natural laws is what leads to success. As we understand laws and then apply them, all that we want will be created as some nature laws will crate the body that helps us to fulfill all our desires.

Chopra’s Definition Of Success

Most people believe that success is measured as material wealth. Deepak Chopra sees success as something a lot more complicated and only mentions material wealth as a component of a enjoyable life. Success is said to be good energy, health, an enthusiasm for life, creative freedom, psychological stability, emotional stability, fulfilling relationships, peace of mind and a sense of proper well-being. Besides all of these, we also learn about unfolding divinity in us so that we can live in complete harmony with life’s natural laws.

7 Keys To Success:

We do get the opportunity of looking at a really interesting life philosophy that can so easily help us and the truth is that most people will find at least some ideas that they will be happy about. The 7 keys to success according to Deepak Chopra are the following:

  1. Law Of Pure Potentiality – Law Of Unity
  2. Law Of Giving
  3. Law Of Karma – Cause And Effect
  4. Law Of Least Effort
  5. Law Of Intention And Desire
  6. Law Of Detachment
  7. Law Of Dharma – The Purpose In Life
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All of the laws are presented each in 1 chapter of the book. Every single segment will end with another extra, “Applying The Law”. This presents daily practices and methods that will help you to get on the road to success.

Can You Achieve Success With “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success”?

As with most books that talk about spiritual elements, it is quite obvious that you need to be willing to agree with some things in order to actually get some help from such a book. It is obvious that you will not be able to apply the laws if you are skeptic about spirituality and what is presented.

We have to say that different ideas inside the Deepak Chopra book are really good. You will love various elements that are presented and it is a guarantee you will love something that is included. You do not need to agree with absolutely everything that is highlighted but we are sure you will love some of the laws that are presented.