Who Is John Kehoe? Biography And Seminar Facts!

Who Is John Kehoe? Biography And Seminar Facts!

Did You Hear About John Kehoe?

John Kehoe is a name that is highly respected in the field of Mind Power. He has been active for over 30 years and his worldwide recognition appeared because of the pioneering work that was done.

You can easily see him in one of the seminars held and recorded for the internet and you will notice that he is quite an energetic teacher, a socially conscious individual, an author and one of the people that will tell you to use your mind to change the world.

John Kehoe did held lectures on every single continent and the seminal book he wrote, “Mind Power Into The 21st Century” is a bestseller that topped the sales lists in over 12 countries. The teachings that are promoted are related to the power that a person can find in himself/herself and using that power to shape the individual’s destiny.

Retreating In Wilderness

Much of the mind power work pioneered by John Kehoe appeared starting 1975. That was when he basically withdrew to British Columbia’s wooden, secluded wilderness. He spent 3 years there in studying the human mind’s inner workings.

He returned in 1978 and that is when he started to travel and teach people everything that he learned. Success was almost instant and people from all around the world are interested in attending his lectures.

The current one includes the following key points. Others are expressed and training is basically offered in an AM and PM schedule.

  • Understanding how reality is created by thoughts.
  • The mind’s 6 laws.
  • 5 techniques to eliminate negatives
  • Imprinting and programming the subconscious
  • Understanding subconscious blockages
  • Understanding belief power and how it can shape events
  • Using Quantum truths
  • The connection between the heart and the mind
  • Understanding neurogenesis and neuroplasticity principles
  • Understanding conscious evolutions
  • How to listen to the possibilities that life offers
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John’s Teachings and beliefs can be summed in this quote:

john kehoe quote

The truth is that most people that participated in one of John’s seminars were happy with what they learned and the following that the author has at the moment is quite huge. His book is definitely worth reading for anyone that wants to understand the human mind and it is a must read for personal development.

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