Vipassana Meditation Instruction To Consider

Vipassana meditation is all about us getting in touch with the experiences we have. The practice aids us to live in the present while avoiding becoming lost in regrets, images, fears and thoughts related to both future and past. The mind becomes a lot less distracted so everything ends up being seen in a clear manner.

Vipassana is all about figuring out that suffering and happiness cannot be found in external experiences. We find that inside the human mind, in the way we end up relating to the experiences we have. Everything can change around us and we are rarely what we believe we are. Kindness and love are at the center of vipassana, giving you so many interesting views about your life that you never had so far.


Mindfulness is at the center of vipassana meditation. It can be described as a moment to moment attention based observation. Alternatively, we can say that it is what is happening with both the mind and the body. Mindfulness is something achievable for every single person out there. It is non-interfering and non-judgmental.

This important part of vipassana will purify your mind from hatred, delusional and greed. Buddha identified these as suffering causes. When the practice improves and gets deeper, the practitioner will be clearer and calmer. Suffering is removed and freedom is gained.

Developing mindfulness is possible through different techniques. Everything is focused on the Satipatthana Sutta (Foundations Of Mindfulness). We have access to many different practice methods, all rooted in Southeast Asia Theravadin Buddhist tradition. Various practice styles have been developed along the years.

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The meditation of mindfulness is mainly focused on 1 thing: heart and mind liberation from suffering. Compassion and wisdom are increased and this is visible by all people around us.

Various Practices To Consider

Mindfulness presence is the first thing that has to be practiced. Everything is connected to focusing our mind on various normal experience aspects, commonly referred to as a primary object of attention. While any possible thing can be primary object for you, there are some objects that are much better than others for the individual.

Sitting meditation is a great start. Attention focus is put on the physical sensation you feel when you are breathing. The focus is put on breathing in and breathing out. Walking meditation then appears. Attention in this case is put on touch and movement sensations connected with feet and legs. Eventually, practicing mindfulness moves towards everything that we do, even eating.

Attention Continuity Is What Is Important

Vipassana meditation will never be limited to periods that are dedicated to the practice of mindfulness. It will be extended towards all the activities that are carried out on a day-to-day basis. This is only done through constant practice and patience.