Are Hauntings Ever Reported in Modern Buildings?

We hear many story of ghosts haunting castles, old buildings, churches and other old, historic landmarks. However, there are not as many stories about modern buildings haunted by ghosts. Ghosts do not have preferences, they haunt the places they were connected to and since most castles, churches and other landmarks were usually places were many tragedies took place in the past that is why these places are more likely to be haunted.

Are hauntings ever reported in modern buildings? According to experts in paranormal phenomena, ghosts haunt modern buildings that are built on ancient ground or places where tragic events happened. The souls of the people who lost their lives in tragic events do not leave those places since they are not able to found their peace. There are a few examples of modern buildings where ghost sightseeing events were reported, such as the Empire State Building and the University of Arizona’s Modern Language Building.

Empire State Building

Built in 1930, Empire State Building was the scene of many suicides in its history. Many visitors described their encounters with ghostly figures that appeared to be distressed and confused. Most of these encounters took place on the observation deck, the last place most of these ghosts saw in their human form. The scariest thing for visitors of the Empire State Building is not the fact that they meet these ghosts but the fact that they recreate their tragic death by jumping of the building again and again.

One of this stories told by a tourist who visited the Empire State Building in 1985 is both tragic and sad. This visitor described her experience with what she initially thought to be a woman who cried. Even though she was surprised the crying woman was wearing clothes that were popular in the 40s she didn’t think of it for too long and she tried to offer some consolation. When she approached the woman and asked her what was wrong she was informed by the crying lady that she lost her husband in the World War II and she cannot live without him. After finishing her story, the woman jumped off the building. In order to recover from the shock, the tourist went to the bathroom only to meet the same crying lady looking in the mirror and adjusting her make-up before heading to the observation deck again.

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University of Arizona’s Modern Language Building

The Modern Language Building of the University of Arizona was built in 1965 over the ground where originally was located the Woman’s Athletic Field, a place that was the scene of the tragic murder of a woman back in 1900. Throughout the years many students reported the presence of a mysterious lady floating down the corridors of the building.

When the Modern Language Building was built, the construction workers found the skeleton of the mysterious lady but instead of reporting the findings, they decided to hide the remains in order to keep their jobs and to not cause any delays. Because of their decision, right now the ghost of the mysterious lady is not only looking to find peace after her tragic death but she is also trying to find her skeleton to be complete again.