Learning Dowsing – An Ancient Art of Divination

What Is Dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancient art of divination that allows practitioners to find answers to questions through their hidden senses, questions that cannot be answered with the logical mind. Dowsing allows humans to obtain information in a different manner that transcends the physical senses. This ancient art of divination is done with the help of a hand object (metal Y and L rods, metal or wooden wands, forked sticks etc).

Dowsing or divination is a great self empowerment manifestation for those who search for answers to various questions, from day-to-day questions to spiritual questions and questions related to  someone’s professional life.

History Of Dowsing

Ancient civilizations used this form of art for centuries to find responses to questions that couldn’t be answered using their conscious mind. For example, people used dowsing to find potable water and to locate sites for wells.

Even though dowsing was a useful form of art back in the day, shamans, witch doctors and other people who where knowledgeable of this specific art where condemned and considered diabolic due to the superstitions associated with their abilities.

Information about dowsing can be found in many ancient books including the Bible that mentions rods, scepters and wands that are all tools used for divination. Greek and Roman historians also mention the use of rods.

In 1300 Basil Valentine, a Benedictine monk, wrote instructions of how to properly use rods to find answers.

Dowsing is a form of art that is also present in the ancient Chinese culture. Emperor Ta Yu is represented in a bas-relief holding a branched instrument. The emperor was born 2205 years BC and historians believe this bas-relief is probably the first representation of dowsing.

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Uses Of Dowsing

In the modern era, the use of dowsing extended and people use this ancient art to find missing people, to discover the causes of illness and discomfort, to determine what a person needs to be healthy and happy and to answer other “how”, “where”, “when” and “why” questions. According to divination experts, the art of dowsing has no limits to its use. Dowsing can help people to make adjustments in their personal and professional lives and it also helps them to obtain the desired results after finding the answer to their questions.

How To Practice Dowsing?

Those who are new to dowsing can start learning this ancient art by asking simple questions with “yes” or “no” answers. When it comes to dowsing and any type of art, the best way to obtain good results is to never stop practicing.

It is recommended to start with simple questions because listening to the hidden senses is not something that can be accomplished immediately, especially if a person is used to use only the physical senses. Intuitive people will become experts in dowsing faster since they already know how to get in touch with their natural instincts and to listen to their inner voice.

Those who are not naturally intuitive have to practice a lot and to trust that their perseverance will lead them to the answers they needed.