The Numerology Of 2018 – What To Expect

The numerology of 2018 does bring in some really interesting things that you might want to know about. You can expect some rapid evolutions and it is time to prepare. 2018 is a Universal 2 Year, going down from 11. As we have a peace loving 2 behind an emotionally-conscious and sensitive 11, the year will surely be emotionally-charged. 2018 will be dominated by passion and everyone will be affected.

2018 – The Year Of Opposites

2018 will welcome opposites, including peace, prosperity, goodwill, rapid downfalls, human created misery, famine, war and storms. We will see many different uprisings, with social media exposing differences between systems while people realize numbers and their power. The oppressed groups push really hard for equality, basic human rights and change. Various powerful leaders with a high profile will be in trouble so the countries will be affected, especially those that are known for religious intolerance and oppression. For instance, it is expected that Middle East unrest will spread towards quiet countries and will keep growing. Also, the US will see turmoil growing with more clashes and frequent protests.

Unfortunately, natural disasters are going to continue. Some events are going to be caused by climate change while others will be due to planet instability (this includes earthquakes). Also, financial markets are going to be shaken-up.

The good news is that most bad things are going to be present in just parts of the world while the rest will be perfect. This is definitely a positive thing.

What Should You Do In 2018?

With 2018 being a year of change, it is really important to realize that we now live in a chaotic and toxic environment. We need to stop being hurtful to people and we need to stop being motivated by distrust, anger, greed and fear. People are going to go towards those feelings and they will end up being negatively affected. You want to open your heart and do the opposite so that you can be the balance of the bad things happening next year.

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Chaos will reign supreme and the truth is that this is all because of what has been happening in the past, leading us towards a bad outcome that is bound to happen. 2018 will be a year that will be worse than 2017 and 2017 was definitely not that great.

Listen to your heart! This is one of the most important things to do in 2018. As your heart speaks, you know you speak the truth and you know that you are going to take good decisions. You are definitely going to be touched at a deep level by the turmoil and events happening in 2018. The way in which you will act will be the difference.

Months To Remember

The months of January and October are those that will peak in terms of information barrage. Different hidden facts are going to surface and secrets are going to be revealed. This is where you can expect to see high ranking individuals being exposed. Natural disasters are bound to happen in February, May, June and November). Financial markets are going to be affected at the same time. Labor related unrest should happen in April while March and December will be all around freedom abuse, together with associated breakthroughs.