“What Are You?” by Sebastian Lyall – A Journey Into Mind And Body In The Pursuit of Happiness And Peace

Sebastian Lyall, “Seb” for short, a London-based tech and hospitality entrepreneur with countless awards is now giving those interested an insight into what made him who he is. His book, “What Are You?” will help you get a much better understanding of the relationship between your mind and body, all with the purpose of aiding you to live a truly happy life filled with peace.

Written under the structure of a story, “What are you?” tells the story of a child growing up with cultural, genetic, and societal conditioning. In their journey, they investigate what we all do, pain, love, power, happiness, and sorrow.

Why Do We Recommend The Book?

What Are You?” will make you question your existence, but in a good way. You are taken on a journey to understand life and how little we all actually know about it. Only after understanding this can we move towards fully finding ourselves.

The problem with similar books is that they try way too much to convince you of something. This is not what Sebastian Lyall does. With the use of Logical Humanism, Seb presents a story. He shows you how he realized who he was and how you can find who you are.

You are not going to have to go through countless religious, theological, or spiritual references. The language used is very easy to understand. Highly complex, centuries-old truths are presented in a way that anyone can understand them. The language used is informal and direct, a fundamental part of Logical Humanism.

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Logical Humanism

The definition of Logical Humanism is:

“Understanding and living the essence of life, purely from a place of one’s own experience of being.”

The true existence of the individual is presented as something we cannot normally understand with the brain’s computational power. Basically, we make our decisions based on the data that we have. As a result, we are not our true selves. We are just an image of what is dictated by external sources.

Through Logical Humanism, Sebastian Lyall aims to help people find their true selves. This is possible through letting go of the external factors dictating the individual’s life, with the aid of several century-old techniques. The end goal is to remove the negatives, like pain and depression, and replace them with happiness.


At its core “What Are You?” is a very surprising read. You normally expect to see highly complex topics presented in a way that is hard to digest. This is not what you get through the work of Sebastian Lyall.

The book is very easy to understand. Through the author’s unique experience and talented writing, you can so easily go through Logical Humanism core principles and realize what you have to do in order to find yourself, your TRUE YOU.

We will not spoil this read for you by giving you the answers in a condensed format. “What Are You?” is meant to be experienced by the individual. Your experience will be different than that of someone else because your real YOU is different than anyone else’s.

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