Are Timber Bench Tops Right For Your Kitchen?

Are Timber Bench Tops Right For Your Kitchen?

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For most homeowners, the kitchen is probably the most crucial part of the entire house. This is clearly evident in the amount of money as well as the number of hours that goes into the process of constructing and remodelling a kitchen. Structuring your budget for this project should be done at the onset even prior to hiring a design professional. Advance and proper planning can help you avoid delays and extra costs.


You may start gathering information by creating a short list of the following:

Timber Bench Kitchen Tops
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•             Price – You need to have an average estimate of your materials. Ask for the price of benchtops (only if you are planning to install a new benchtop in your home).

•             Specifications – Get all the exact measurements especially if you are doing a DIY project. If you are planning to replace certain features such as a worktop, you should check if your list contains details about the length, depth, thickness, and the type of timber.


Reasons for Remodelling Projects

If it is time to invest more in your existing kitchen, then prepare all the information needed first. Essentially, remodelling or redecorating kitchens is done in order to solve quality and space problems. Many homeowners turn to kitchen redecorating for the following reasons:

•             To add new features in the kitchen such as timber bench tops, drawers, etc.

•             To use the latest products

•             To apply new design ideas

•             To incorporate more environmentally-safe kitchen materials

The perfect time to undertake this project is when your kitchen has already lost its functionality. Aside from this, an outdated kitchen looks unappealing. If this is the case, then grab this chance to apply the much needed adjustments.

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New ideas strongly influence the trends in kitchen designs. For instance, a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders Research Centre in 2001 reveals that more than sixty percent of remodelling projects widely involved the addition of kitchen islands, pantries, second sink, and open shelves.


Among the most popular products and materials widely used for kitchen remodelling and construction include:

•             Countertop Materials – For kitchen tops features like timber bench tops, the most highly rated materials are laminate, solid surface, and granite.

•             Flooring Materials – According to a survey, most residential homeowners prefer sheet vinyl, ceramic tile, and hardwood.

•             Wood Materials – Red oak, hard maple, and cherry are some of the most popular choices among homeowners.

•             Kitchen Remodelling  Materials- Some of the most common kitchen remodelling materials often include ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, and laminate.


Redecorating Your Kitchen: Is there a Perfect Time?

According to Morris and Winter’s Theory of Housing Adjustment, a kitchen remodelling project qualifies as housing adjustment. The theory suggests that if the current design and features cause dissatisfaction among the household members, then housing adjustments become an urgent concern.

Moreover, redecorating projects are done when space issues emerge. For instance, you may decide to add new features and modify existing ones like installing timber bench stops in your unit. Most homeowners also complain about inadequate counter space, floor space, and cabinet storage.


Recommended Steps

1)            Identify your problem – In most instances, people decide to redecorate because of poor ventilation and lighting, inefficient kitchen appliances, insufficient space, inaccessible features, and decorative concerns.

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2)            Gather relevant information – Explore more possibilities. You have already figured out what did not work before so now is the right time to be more creative. Workshops, home design shows, and the Internet are rich sources of design inspiration.

3)            Weigh your options wisely – At this point, ask for recommendations from reliable sources. You may also consult a design professional who can guide you in the process.

4)            Look for the right materials and design – Since most activities in the kitchen are mostly food related, choosing the right kind of material is vital. As you start looking for the materials, be clearly guided by the type of other non-food activities that you do in the kitchen such as answering calls, family conversation, meal planning, etc.


Professional Help

Finally, always seek the services of a licensed and reputable design professional or contractor. There are several ways to go about when you plan to redecorate your kitchen. Ideally, hiring a skilled and licensed professional will help you a lot especially if you want to avoid overcapitalising and wasting precious time.



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