Favourite Android Games

As useful as smartphones are for organisation, keeping abreast of finances, contacts and obligations, there are times when all we want out of them is a bit of carefree entertainment. This is why the list of games is pretty much endless but there are some android games which are on everyone’s list of favourites. Here is a brief description of them:

Rope Escape

This is an intricate and addictive game. You will find yourself in the depth of a jungle and your rope is your only means of escape from the savages chasing you. Along the way you collect items such as rockets, destroy zeppelins and defy the laws of gravity. The game is integrated with Facebook so you can challenge your friends and show off your score.

Fruit Ninja

The amusing sound effects of the fruit cutting make this game delicious fun. Your task is to slash the fruit, swiping across the screen and watch your score increase. There are three modes in single player- Classic, Zen and the new Arcade and you can compare your results using Openfeint and
worldwide scoreboards. With so much fruit, let’s hope the game will also inspire better eating habits with its users.

Bad Piggies

This game comes from the creators of Angry Birds and takes us on an adventure with Bad Piggies. In order to pilot the Piggies to their destination we need to create the best vehicle, a flying device which also crawls, rolls, spins etc. The game has 87 levels and additional 18 levels are unlocked by getting three stars. There are 4 sandbox levels and 33 objects to create in order to achieve all the tasks. With millions of possible combination this game indeed stretches your creativity and provides many an hour of fun.

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Angry Birds Star Wars

One of the most popular games is experiencing its Star Wars incarnation. The birds have new powers and new abilities as they embark on an intergalactic journey to the depths of the Pig Star. They use Lightsabers, Blasters and Jedi Powers and improve their skills with each level. The game itself has over 80 levels and it is frequently updated with new features and new challenges.

My Paper Plane 3

A sequel to My Paper Plane 2, My Paper Plane 3 brings enhanced graphics and new locations for the paper plane or one of the other interesting vehicles you will be flying. The tilt controls are easily managed and super accurate which ensures fluid, seamless motion, the levels are dynamically generated and there are exciting power-ups. The main asset of the game are its visuals but you can also find it a challenge if you decide tackle the difficult levels and list yourself among the top pilots on the online leader boards.

Whether for fun, relaxation, or catering to the competitive streak in your character, these games are sure to help. Needless to say, although the addictiveness is a testimony to their clever design – you should bear in mind that there is a down side. So, set a time limit and then sit back and enjoy!