Nissan March K11

Nissan Motor Company Limited that is generally shortened to Nissan is a multinational with standing at sixth position in the Global Auto Making Industry. It deals in a range of vehicles from Outboard Motors to Fork-lift Trucks including luxury model branded as Infiniti. It previously marketed its car under the name of DATSUN.


Used Nissan March K11 was first introduced in Japan with all aluminum 1.0L and 1.3L which was a new technology at that moment. Its diesel version was offered as Used Nissan Micra in Europe.


Nissan March K11 Body Variations:

It comes in 3 door and 5 door hatchbacks, 4 door sedan, 5 door station wagon and 2 door convertible roof version. This is done to make sure that all types of customer can get it in a way that best suits their need.


Nissan March K11 Performance:

It comes in 5 gear box manual transmission and 4 gear automatic transmissions, alongside CVT technology. This assist in smooth performance, as the customer gets transmission of their choice with quiet ease. The Co the 1000CC to 1500CC engine displacement further enhance efficient driving on the road, by the improved fuel consumption. It is because the less the displacement is, the lower will be the fuel consumption giving you a cost effective alternative. Its face-lifted models came with limited edition S and SE engine, to enhance the overall performance.


Nissan March K11 Appearance:

Its Body Colors that generally sells in market includes Silver, Grey, Red, Beige and Black, while the dark or beige interior further enhance its physicality, meeting the customize requirement of customers. The decorative features that Nissan March K11 has includes Alloy Wheel, Power Window, AC, FOG light, Power Steering, Navigation and TV, making the overall appearance of the car luxurious.

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Nissan March K11 Recognitions:

The European Car of the Year along with Good Design award and Car of the year Japan was given to Nissan March K11 in 1993, acknowledging its overall function and performance. This made it a famous brand across globe.


Global demand of Nissan March K11:

In Past it has been imported in Kenya, currently Tanzania imports its 2003 version, while Zambia also prefer this car for importing purpose. In short it can be said that Nissan March K11 is preferred in Africa aside from Europe and Japan.


The Nissan March K11 although being a small unit, has a market standing that makes that also justify the company position, as rightly Best companies produce Best Products.