Things You Are Not Told About Yoga When You Start Your Practice

There is so much talk about yoga these days with numerous people doing it but so much is not actually said about it. The truth is there are so many things that are not actually understood and others that are not even mentioned, by anyone, including the instructors.

The great thing about yoga is that it is really easy to practice. If you breathe, you can do some yoga. It does not matter how physically fit you are. With this in mind, it is great to learn a lot about it as it is very good for your body and for your mind. However, as already mentioned, there are different things that are not actually told about yoga as your practice starts, including what is mentioned below.

Technically, You Do Not Do Yoga

In theory, yoga is much more than a series of physical poses and moves. It is a true “state of being”. Technically, yoga is done on a mat but if you are in a yoga state, you end up alert and relaxed at the same time. This is what people refer to when they say “turiya”, or “restful alertness”.

Basically, all this means that yoga is made out of those physical poses you see but it is so much more than that. The mindset that you get while you practice is much more important. Yoga will bring unmatched calmness and is a true opportunity to gain tranquility and stillness.

You Will Most Likely Get REALLY Sore

So many get excited at doing yoga, buy great yoga pants and then start doing a routine with the guidance of the instructor. What the instructor usually does not mention or does not clearly highlights is that you will get really sore after a yoga routine, especially the first ones. The feeling is often described as great but it is a huge surprise for practically everyone out there that just starts out.

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Yoga strengthens and stretches muscles people do not usually use. This means growing aches and pains are reality as you get into a regular practice routine. You do get used to it and the soreness gets less and less painful with regular practice but it is a guarantee you will feel it.

Yoga Is Often Overwhelming

Every single person that does yoga will tell you that yoga is often really hard. We are used to seeing peaceful yogis and pictures of highly complex poses. With constant practice and with mindfulness meditation techniques you will definitely reach that point as you find contentment within your soul, mind and body. However, until you get there the road will be filled with obstacles, adversity and difficulty.

It is easy to do poses that feel really challenging and awkward. At times you will feel overwhelmed. However, as difficulties appear, the important thing is to not back down. Face those difficulties and you will quickly see how empowering that is.

You WILL Become A Yoga Teacher

This does not mean you become a yoga instructor as soon as you start practice. What it means is that as you regularly practice asanas, you start to be aware of what your body wants and what it needs. You understand personal necessities. As time passes, you will find yourself talking to others and even teaching them some asanas.

As you get knowledge, you naturally transition towards the role of a teacher for those that know less than you. Do not be surprised to find yourself helping those you know and getting them started on their own yoga journey.

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Advanced Yoga Poses Are Not That Interesting

This is what shocks most people, when they realize the fact that they do not actually care about the advanced poses that they can do, no matter how fancy they are and how Insta-worthy they initially thought they were. You do not have a trophy waiting for you when you get to do that deep hanumanasana. When heels reach the ground as you do the down dog, nothing really changes in your social life.

Simply put, the really fancy poses will not lead to getting better results. The simple poses, those that do not look at all dramatic, are actually the most difficult ones. Everyone’s body is different. What seems really simple for some might be incredibly difficult for you. Getting to master a pose that is very difficult for you is incredibly rewarding, much more than what you initially think would be tough.

Yoga is all about observing one’s body and understanding it better. You cultivate a natural curiosity about your very own quirks and strengths. You will just feel a lot better during the journey and when you do the simple poses than those advanced poses you see in pictures.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is so much more interesting than what people tell you but not necessarily for the reasons you would expect. The truth is that if people were being the whole truth about yoga, it would not seem like much. However, after you get to do it and you understand what it means for your mind and body, things change. You enjoy it more and more and you surely end up doing yoga because of how it makes you feel. Just try it!

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