Upgrade the R4i Cards to Enjoy the Best of Technologies

We all may not be affluent to technologies, but without it our life turns pale. Well, isn’t it superb when you get to play the best of games just by sitting at your own place, without going outside in rain or heat or without depending upon your friends to join you? Definitely, PC games are a big revolution. When it comes to playing games on screen, you certainly cannot avoid the presence of the Nintendo console device. A portable gaming device, having all the superb features to keep you involve in playing games is a wonderful invention. However, technological improvements have not kept it limited to merely a gaming device, but the invention of R4i cards have added lot more credits into its court, like:

  • Its storage capacity has increased to 32 GB.
  • You get to download directly from the internet just by using the card.
  • You can copy paste the data at ease.
  • You can use to watch movies, play music and for other multimedia.
  • You can use to read eBooks.

However, you must know how to upgrade the cards, because without upgrading it you will not be able to enjoy the latest features. One of the latest versions is the R4 card for 3DS. No, you don’t need to be tech savvy to do this, but here are the steps to be followed to upgrade the cards and enjoy its unlimited benefits.


Nintendo 3ds with R4i Cards
By John Karakatsanis under CC BY-SA 2.0


Upgrade the R4i cards


Here are the easy steps that will help you upgrade the R4i cards-

  1. Go for using the console device, when it is fully charged.
  2. Track the USB keyed card reader and put the card into it that you get from the package.
  3. Take the card reader out and put it into the computer’s USB port card reader slot.
  4. Go for formatting the memory card. To format, you need to find the memory card button by clicking on the “start” button at the bottom left of the desktop screen and then go for choosing “my computer”. You will get the memory card icon there, click on to it to format it.
  5. Click one by one the “FAT 32” icon and then “quick format” icon and go for choosing start.
  6. Do not forget to download the latest version of R4i cards.
  7. By right clicking on the items, select all of them.
  8. Then, go for saving it in the memory card. Saving this is very easy that follows the older copy paste version.
  9. Now, it is time to safely eject the memory card and transfer it properly to the R4i SDHC.
  10. By using the R4i SDHC on the console you can insert it into the device.
  11. Go for pressing the power button of the console, then.
  12. Now, you can click on the icon appearing on screen which usually appears as a game image.
  13. You will get the Setup icon there at the right side of the screen.
  14. Choose to upgrade it.
  15. Now, press start.
  16. You will get the confirmation of the upgrade, if it is done successfully and do not do anything until it appears.
  17. Restart the console device now. By pressing the power button of the console device, you can do it easily.
  18. You are ready to use the upgraded version.
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