What Makes A House A Home?

Everyone has a house, but is it really a home? Home is home because of how it can make you feel, and how it makes you function on a day to day basis. You could have the most luxury residence in the whole of your town, but if it does not make you feel content and secure then is it even worth having? Here we delve deeper into the ideology of what a real home should be like, and what makes it stand out from all the others.


The Theme

The way your property looks can play a huge part in this tale. Being able to customise your home as and when you please can make a significant difference to the way you feel about living there. It has been said that certain colours can directly affect a person’s mood. For instance, many people believe that the colour yellow evokes feelings such as generosity and light heartedness, whereas the colour red is thought to be enticing and exciting. Others believe that the way you place things in and around your home can also affect the way you feel. This is known to the masses as feng shui, and is practiced by many people from around the world.


The Location

The town you choose to live in will always be a major factor here. For many, their place of birth, or place of heritage, will always be their home and most people never fly too far from the nest. For those who have grown bored and seek to explore new lands and cities there is many a town that could please all their curiosities. Some of the more luxurious and friendly locations in the UK include Beaconsfield, Sevenoaks, Docklands and Ipswich. If you are not happy in the town that you are in, then it might be time to look for somewhere new to spread your wings.

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The Company

The company you keep will almost always affect the way you behave, act and feel. Living with your family, for example, carries many pros and cons. As much as they look out for you and are always there if you need help, than can get on the wrong side of you after a while, even if you get on well normally. Also, if you find that you have more friends in other towns rather than your own, it can make you feel a bit distant and detached. You should surround yourself with people you love and care about to make you feel cosier and give you a sense of belonging and peace.


There are many different things that define a home, but that is for you to decide as only you can tell whether you should be where you are. A home is not having a roof over your head; a home is somewhere you feel at peace and where you see yourself having a future. Be sure to look into it as much as you can to find just the right spot to suit you.