Student-Living in London

London is certainly is an expensive city, and it is a given that it is one of the most expensive cities to live within the UK. Of course living in London offers lots of opportunity for students: domestic and international. This cultural city is a fantastic place to live, and naturally, study. But living in London can certainly pose its own unique challenges. I have decided to give you some insight into being a student saving money and living in London.


Alternative transport – Walking, cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading or even going retro with some roller-skates: whatever you prefer. These are all great ways to travel and will save you money in the process. One of the major complaints about London, myself included, is transport costs. Certainly, Oyster cards and ticket splitting can help with this also, but I will get to that. The UK Government are keen to get people cycling and walking, especially within congested areas such as London. They have spent millions on cycle path infrastructure – so use it to your advantage!


Planning Transport – If walking or any of the alternative methods are just not feasible, look into the infamous Oyster Card. Which card you would be eligible for would really depend on various factors, including age. The two main cards are the Oyster Zip for 16- 18 year old students and the 18+ students. Average savings are around 30%, which in times of austerity, is not to be sniffed at! If you live further afield, then try ticket splitting. Basically, you split your journey up and go through various stations to achieve the most economical route. It may not be the quickest of course, but it will cheaper!!

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Socialising on the economical side – something that goes hand in hand with being a student is – the social scene: but often it can be expensive! London is a multi-cultural city with lots of free and interesting events, fairs and shows. Keep an eye out in the local papers for free events and goings on. What’s great about doing it this way, is that you are sure to find some real gems. Also, for you serious bargain hunters, there are sites such as Wowcher,, Groupon and other discount deal websites.


Student Accommodation in London – Seeking low priced accommodation and is one of the best ways to keep down costs. For the maximum benefit, if at all possible, live with other students. All students are entitled to council tax exemption which can be upward of £1,700 per year! Seeking residence within halls or dedicated student residence apartments are also two great options!


Shopping at markets – London is full of markets, and these are always an ideal place to find a bargain or two! One of the most famous, and probably the most highly respected of markets is: the Camden Market. Camden has everything you would ever need! Clothes, household-goods and furniture. There is an amazing little stall that has some awesome handmade lamps – go check it out!


TV Licence? – If you look closely at the guidelines, then it is possible to watch TV without having a TV licence. This is not  only applicable to students, but to anyone who owns a TV. You are legally allowed to own a TV and you are free to watch it as much as you like, as long as you are not recording or watching live TV.

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Cheap Books – Information from books is often re-cycled. Publishers need to generate income, somehow and you can only write a book so many times, so they just release updated issues. Normally they just update case-studies, or add a few new graphics. Purchase old books from Amazon and you will find some great bargains; but my best advice within this field though, is – “Google Book ”


Google Books is a completely legitimate resource, and a fine resource it is. Completely free as-well. As long as you reference everything properly you will be fine. The best thing about it is, that you can gain lots of quotes from a variety of different resource without even opening a book! I have provided an example of a simple search on brand equity:

As you can see, your keywords are even highlighted! “What about referencing” I hear you cry! No problem:

Take what you need. It is so simple and it is free!