The varied nature and kinds of horse show shirts – a small glimpse of the big event

This article tells us about the different kinds and uses of the horse show shirts, which actually is a small glimpse of the big horse show itself.

The shirts for horse show are just a small glimpse of the big picture that is the horse show attire. When a person happens to be new to the world of showing horses, to him the process of figuring out what exactly the kind of clothing he needs, actually becomes quite overwhelming  for him.

We shall now discuss the particular kind of shirts that are required for the different discipline of showing. Actually in a word the shirts worn in the show are of the English and the western discipline. The shirts worn for showing in case of the English discipline are very traditional ones, both in tack and attire. These shirts that are worn while showing, being very traditional, do not vary from one rider to another rider. Thus when dressed for the English classes, both in hand and under the saddle, the same piece of clothing is required to be worn.

This English outfit consists of a button up shirt, breeches, tall boots and jackets. The button up shirts is mostly only visible near the chest and neckline under the jacket. The English horse show shirts are buttoned up with a high collar that extends to just under the chin. To give this attire a classic look it can be combined with a white shirt under a navy or a black jacket. However to give these western attires a modern look other colours such as  the soft pale  or even the rich bold colours are also used.

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However, in case of the Western classes, the rider’s way of look can be branched out and the looks here can be designed a little more creatively. Here the bold and bright colours are the norm so much so that at times it might make one feel that he has landed on a fashion show, instead of a horse show.  Though there are a lot more variations in looks and styles, there are actually some unwritten rules that one might want to get aware of before investing in one of these eye catching shirts.

Moreover, there is a difference in shirts, while showing in the equitation class and while showing in the pleasure class. In equitation class or the horsemanship class, the judge often looks for neat and clean lines while showing.  This actually becomes much more evident, when the specific class performs in a pattern as a part of the specific class.

The horse show shirts in a horsemanship class are however different from the shirts that are worn while showing in the pleasure class. These horse show shirts should however key into a new line by bending the wearers top half with the wearer’s bottom half. Along with these black chaps with a pink top always cuts the wearer from the waist. While in the western pleasure, the judges are usually more focussed on the horse and the quality of the movement on each gait. So here the pink shirts can easily be combined with the black chaps without any problem.