5 Newest Gadgets That Drive All Geeks Crazy

Fed up with all these boring and obvious gadgets that walk around and make all people want them? Don’t understand why they are so popular? You are not alone, my friend. It’s high time to check something unusual but still functional, and these five newest gadgets are here to make it easier for you. All they are developed for real geeks. So, let’s check if you are one of them. What do you think of all these devices?


Sonic Screwdriver


Sonic Screwdriver
By R.B. Boyer under CC BY-SA 2.0


This gadget for all TV series “Doctor Who” fans is a real sound screwdriver. In fact, this is one more remote control for your other gadget, but it is decorated like a stylish “magic wand.”

There are 13 gestures programmed in Sonic Screwdriver, which can be used to enable or disable your iPhone or computer, or adjust a volume and brightness of your monitor. In addition, the owner can come up with 39 more gestures for Sonic Screwdriver and program them for his own needs.

The toy is equipped with an automatic lock, so that no one could use it except the owner.  Sonic Screwdriver connects with other devices via an infrared port.



Image source: www.kibardindesign.com


You may have noticed, that your hand that holds a mouse hurts so much after a long sitting at the computer. You can not even move this hand sometimes.  Unfortunately, this phenomenon is quite common these days, especially among those people who constantly work on computers. It is called “a carpal tunnel syndrome”, and the older you re – the higher you risk is to get it.

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Actually, a special mouse called “BAT” has been created to prevent and treat this disease. This name fits this device quite well, as a mouse floats in the air… literally.

The gadget consists of a mouse with a floating ring magnet, and a mat. Thanks to the magnet, this mouse flies over a mat at the height of 40 mm by itself ,or at the height of 10 mm, if there is a hand on it.

BAT is under development at the moment, and it is not available yet.


Bluetooth Gloves


bluetooth gloves
By fewzhon


This gadget is just a fun and convenient accessory, which has nothing revolutionary. Bluetooth Gloves are warm winter gloves with built-in earphone and microphone. Only a left glove is equipped with these devices: there is a  microphone in a little finger, and an earphone is  in a thumb.

The gadget is designed for those people who don’t like taking their gloves off, if their phones ring when it’s cold outside. Do you agree that it is not very pleasant to put buttons with your frozen fingers?

Bluetooth Gloves help you avoid this: just use a characteristic gesture to throw your thumb and little finger up, bring your hand to your face and start a conversation. In addition, there is a miniature keyboard in a glove to control a player on your phone or make calls.


Remee Dream Mask


[embedplusvideo height=”281″ width=”450″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/17lczZb” standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/d7LssPuyu7c?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=d7LssPuyu7c&width=450&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep4010″ /]


Everyone who has ever heard of lucid dreaming dream to see it. However, just a few understand how to enter this state of conscious sleep. This problem can be solved with the help of a gadget that looks very similar to an ordinary mask for sleep.

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When a person wears Remee Dream Mask and start falling asleep, bright lights begin to flicker before his eyes, and pattern of this lights rise and fall before his closed eyelids. The brain will be “hooked” by these lights, and it will consider them to be illusions (some part of consciousness will remain awaken at this moment). Thus, people will understand that everything that happens to them now is a dream, and they still be able to do whatever they want in this dream.


Serendipity Emotion Player


Serendipity Emotion Player
Image source: www.yankodesign.com


Serendipity Emotion Player is created by a designer Kyu Ho Song, and it helps its owner to pick up the mood music. In other words, you can choose a music that is pleasant to you at any very moment of time.

Certainly, this Serendipity Emotion Player can’t read your brain’s signals. But it has a camera. Just take a picture of an object, the color of which seems pleasant to you at the moment, and a player will analyze your playlist to give you a “colored” music.

This player has a special algorithm for matching color and music. Unfortunately, this gadget is under development now, and that is why it is difficult to say something definite about how well it will cope with its task. Kyu Ho Song wants to offer his concept to Samsung, but  the corporation has not given their reply yet.


 By Alex Strike – Follow him on Google+.