Understanding the Different Pest Control Methods

Pest control is one of the most important aspects of every healthy home and should be understood well. There are different types of pests that could plague a home and each of them should be eliminated early before they dominate and cause serious troubles. Pests affect different areas of our lives including plants, structures, human bodies and animals and most of them could cause death or serious destruction. It is always important to understand the kind of pests you are dealing with since there are different methods of pest elimination tailored to the different species of pests.


Available pest control methods

As aforementioned, the best pest control method is only determined by the kind of pest you are dealing with. Once you understand the prevailing menace, below are some of the methods available for pest control:

  • Biological methods
  • Mechanical methods
  • Chemical, poisoned baits methods

Biological pest control methods

This method involves the management and control of natural parasites and predators. This is a safe method of pest control and does not have any effects on the human beings and the ecology. An example is the use of a bacterium (Bt Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. Israelensis) that normally affects and eventually destroys the larvae of mosquitoes. Biological pest control method highly eliminates pests but does not pose any harm to the environment’s ecological balance.


pest control methods
By Wonderlane under CC BY 2.0


Chemical or pesticide method

This has been one of the most important and popular pest control methods over the years. Pesticides can be sprayed using small sprayers in smaller areas or using trucks and planes over large portions of land. However, when dealing with pests within your home, sprayers will come in handy and only the right chemicals or pesticides should be used. Pesticides can be used for treatment of the affected area or for space fumigation. Use of unauthorized chemicals could result in serious and negative effects on human beings, animals and the environment.

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Mechanical pest control

This method utilizes a hands-on approach and includes the use of natural ingredients, simple apparatus, and devices to create a protective barrier between insects and plants. Tilling the land is one of the commonest mechanical pest control methods and has been in use for centuries.

Other methods that have been used include repellents, traps and electrical devices which will either capture or kill the targeted pests thus reducing their population and effects. The use of pest control methods has been modernized with different chemicals being struck off the list and it is therefore important to either hire a pest control professional who has the necessary experience and understanding of the industry or learn more about the approach before getting your hands dirty in DIY.

When using baits and traps, you should always position them along the path commonly used by rodents and other animals. This will help maximize their effectiveness thus reducing the pest population successfully. When hiring a pest control company, it is important to do some research and make sure that your provider of choice has the necessary success history. He or she should also have a reputation of maintaining all the necessary safety standards thus guaranteeing your safety and that of other home users.