Chakra Meditation For Balancing Our Energetic Gates From Our Bodies

If mankind would stop thinking about selfishness and personal problems for a few moments and would try to imagine beauty and harmony instead, a great force would be emanated and it could change a lot of dysfunctions of this planet. It may seem like a paradox, but all the critical situations in which we find ourselves have as cause the inability to emphasize and realize the fact that all of us are alike and we come from the same source spread in different bodies.

Our Destiny


Each one of us can change and model our destiny. The important thing is to realize that we have the tools to do that and we only need to find out how to use them. In this moment we concentrate on the tools that we can see and touch, ignoring the subtle ones that can really help us.

I could compare our situation with a kind of modern slavery that makes us concentrate on all the wrong things. When someone succeeds to raise its vibrations through energizing, he will manage to have access to more information that will help him evolve. This circle functions like a double spiral and its frequency grows regularly.

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies that convert the universal energy into “gas” that we use for our physical experience. The endocrine glands double the chakras and together they contribute to the harmony of our entire organism. Chakras are subtle gates that use the endocrine glands to transmit energy in our bodies. Each chakra has a specific endocrine gland that “translates” and balances our body on a certain vibration.

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Blocked Chakras

chakra meditation

When a Chakra is blocked, it needs to be healed by examining the entire body. Chakras work together as a system; a blocked chakra can affect another one and so on. The balancing and cleaning of Chakras helps at the transformation of our negative emotions (anger, guilt) into positive energies, which will change our entire organism.



If our live is stressful and hard and we don’t manage to overcome it in time, Chakras can close. When our physical body needs to function under a constant pressure or a depression, Chakras cannot function properly and become blocked. The thoughts that we have can block the energy that flows through the Chakras. Unexpressed feelings can also have the same effect.

There are different sounds that we need to listen while imagining positive feelings and visualizing energy that flows through our body, touch the ground and reach the depth of the Earth, extend and form a powerful root that absorbs all the energy and light that they need. We need to take control over our destiny and make the right choices in order to express our joy. When we happy for the simple reason that we exist, we will heal the Root Chakra. We need to realize that we have the right to feel joy, happiness and wealth. We have to express our intentions to live in harmony with the nature, to accept the delights of life, both material and spiritual and to be thankful to our body for the feelings and emotions that we can experience.

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Fight With Ourselves

The only fight that we should have is with ourselves. We need to constantly push ourselves to become kind, because that is the only way we can reach harmony.