How to Choose a Good Cleaning Company

Choose a Good Cleaning Company

Cleanliness significantly affects both the health and behaviour of people. Whether at home or at the office, being able to choose a great cleaning service is an important and yet often underrated task. Finding a cleaning service that gets you the best bang out of your buck can get a little difficult. Moreover, between franchised services to local service providers, the task of zeroing into a quality cleaning company is time consuming. To help you out, here are some tips that help you get nothing less than top-quality cleaning service:


Good Cleaning Company
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Know precisely what you need

Make sure to only look for cleaning companies that offer the specific services that you require. Better yet, look for professional cleaners that specialize in these services. It is always a good idea to speak directly to the owners or operations director of these companies. This is among the most immediate ways to assess the quality and the kind of company you are dealing with. Company heads are placed in a position of power for a reason. The ethics that you pick up while talking with them are usually representative of the entire company. Ask questions and gather necessary information about the specific services that you are looking for. If possible, inquire as to how they go about their cleaning process to make sure that your prospective company is able to do the job.

Ask your friends, and go online to search for customer reviews

Most people choose their cleaning company through word of mouth, remarks Director Sharon Tinberg of College of Residential Employees. A house cleaning service that has been recommended by a trusted friend is almost always a very solid reference. Also, if there was a problematic experience with a service, you are most likely to hear all about it from a friend.

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Customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction are all over the internet. This makes it a good place to visit when searching for quality cleaning services. Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and Yelp are some of the most popular online venues that give you a good sense of which are companies are worth your time and money. More often than not, a good company has a solid online presence that includes a highly relevant professional website. A quality company is also most likely to have their information listed on various internet websites. While customer reviews are generally helpful, keep in mind that consumers often comment online when they are unhappy about a service. Cleaning companies that have the most reviews are not necessarily better than those with fewer reviews.

Make sure that your cleaning company is insured

Before you allow professional cleaning service to begin, ask your cleaning company to send you their insurance certificate. The insurance company is legally obligated to inform you if the insurance policy is cancelled. The Certificate of Liability Insurance should name you as the certificate holder. It should also list the name of the insurance broker, the insurance company, and the cleaning company that is insured. Any reputable cleaning company should be more than happy to provide you proof of insurance for your own peace of mind. Hiring a cleaning company that has insurance protects your property from damage while professional cleaning is in progress.