Which Mobile Apps Are Essential To Modern Businesses?

Business is all about being one-step ahead of the current market trends, and delivering a world-class service or product to your customer base. In the modern era, mobile technology, and specifically mobile applications, play a huge part in business operations, and can be the difference between being an industry leader or an also-ran.

We’re banking on the fact that you have already made a mobile device a key component of your business operations, and now we present the most useful applications that could help you reach the next level. Once you have integrated these into your business, you will wonder how you ever managed without them!


Square is one of the most popular and easy to use point of sale applications in what is a crowded market. Although rivals are emerging and developing a variety of similar apps, this one remains the leader and is definitely worth sticking with for the long haul.

Using Square you can process credit card payments quickly and easily while on the move (they send you a credit card reader), and even upload photos of products so customers can look at your tablet and see what things look like without you having to have examples opened and strewn everywhere.

The novelty of signing for a payment on your screen with their finger is sure to be a hit with customers, too.


If you have a team of people working remotely, and want communications shared in one place without being overrun by emails, then Podio is the app for you. Working alongside the existing website, you can use the application to schedule tasks, send messages and documents, and much more.

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Forget the days of being unable to contact employees when they’re on the road, and keep everyone in the loop with this brilliant workspace application.


Chances are that you are already using Hootsuite to manage your business’ social media accounts, and this exceptional application now allows you to do it on the move. This is by far the leading social media account manager and assistant, allowing you to see an overview of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one easy to decipher, user-friendly interface.

Hootsuite allows you to share posts and photographs across all networks, as well as taking advantage of a number of leading analytics features to see how you are performing and understand what you could do better. Does anyone actually click through those links you post?


This application is spreadsheet based, and developed specifically for iPad. There are over 250 functions available meaning that you can place all of your data into a spreadsheet and create tables, graphs, infographics, and whatever else you need in order to populate that all important presentation or business plan to show to potential investors.

Similar applications, including Microsoft Office suites, are available across various platforms as well as on iOS.

Zig Zag Board

Forget the days of videoconferencing when you had to awkwardly explain data to someone on the other side of the world, or hold a graph to the camera to show everyone what you are talking about.

This application is the ultimate in interactive whiteboards, allowing you to view maps, data, and create diagrams of your own free will. Best of all, you can host meetings directly through the app at a small cost, meaning everyone on your call can see the data, or make adjustments as they see fit.

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Mind Mapping Apps

Mind mapping has been a popular practice in business for many years now, and having an app on your mobile device means you can store ideas as soon as they hit you, rather than having to endure the frustration of ‘I’ll write that down when I get home,’ only to forget and be kicking yourself.

Similar to Zig Zag Board, the best mind mapping applications allow users to share their ideas via e-mail, or open them out for others to look at and, if necessary, amend. Such apps can be brilliant for brainstorming sessions with contacts in various locations around the world.

Translating Apps

Has your lack of a foreign language put you off doing business with people in a particular country?

Allow it to do so no longer, and ensure you have a leading translation application, such as Word Lens, on your mobile device. Many of these apps have a simple operation of simply photographing or submitting a text in your non-native tongue, and returning it in your familiar language.

The best examples of these apps will have all of the information downloaded onto them, so you can translate on the move even without an internet connection.

PDF Scanners/Readers

Whether you need to scan documents such as invoices on the move and e-mail them to the office, or read an urgent report that has been sent to your device, a PDF-focused app can be your one stop solution for all of your needs.

Look out for apps with additional features, such as the ability to annotate PDF documents and print later with notes attached and convert PDF’s and other documents, to have the best and most efficient experience on your device.

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Ensure all of these apps are on your shopping list at the earliest opportunity, as they will put you on the path to an easier to manage, more efficient business.