Tips for Planning a Space Your Children Can Share and Live in

Planning a room for a child is a difficult task; imagine how difficult things may be if you have to plan a room for two or more children. Whether you have a son and a daughter or two sons or two daughters, planning a shared room requires a little more effort than just a single child’s room.

While you may find childrens furniture sets that provide a complete arrangement of the rooms, you may also choose each piece separately. The latter can help you accomplish the look and feel you want in your children’s room.

Here are a few pointers that can help parents plan a room for two or more children.

Bunk beds can provide an easy way to organise sleeping arrangement. These beds are perhaps the most common feature in a room meant for two or more children. While it may seem commonplace, it is a practical solution to free up space in the children’s room. If the idea seems too boring, you may opt for identical corner beds instead.

Crates and bins can make storage quick and simple. It may be asking too much of your children if you expect them to be as organised as you are. Make storage easy, with designated crates and bins for books and toys, so that they need not spend hours to tidy up their room. Also, do not forget to practise what you preach!

Bookshelves can double up as nightstands. A piece of furniture that can do double duty is always a good addition in a room full of children. Put small bookshelves of low height beside the beds and place small lamps over them to create nightstands. Built-in nightstands are also good for such rooms.

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Small nooks can create private spaces. While bunk or corner beds can create separate sleeping quarters for the children, they also need other distinct spaces that they can call their own. Window seats in the bedroom or the hallway can provide them with such spaces even in the busiest of the houses.

A smart palette can win over the colour war. Navy is too manly while pink is too girly – the battle over colours can be solved with a little ingenuity. If you want a boy and a girl to share a room without fuss, opt for a smart palette that works for both. Good examples are white background with turquoise and red accents or yellow, blue and orange details.

Rockers can be suitable for babies as well as older kids. Incorporating pieces that can be of use during the growing up years of your children can be a great idea. A rocking chair can be the right place to put an infant to sleep. Again, it can work as the perfect seat for your teenage daughter to sit and enjoy her favourite book.

A dresser can also work as a changing table. Another good example of a multifunctional piece of furniture is a low dresser fitted with a changing pad on top. While your elder child may store his/her books or playthings inside the dresser, you may use the top as the changing table for your younger child with ease.

Creating a space that your children can share and enjoy requires a little planning. It is also a good idea to pay attention to any ideas your children may have. After all, they are the ones who will be staying in the room.

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You have two ways in which you may complete the room for your kids. You may decide a specific style, find pieces that correspond to it and arrange them. Otherwise, you may also first find the important pieces of furniture, such as the beds and dressers, and build the room around them.

Author: Daniel Smith – Follow him on Google+.